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What is Usability (UI)?

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What is Usability (UI)?

In my first article, How to start in the world of Digital Marketing ? I already did a little introduction on usability. In this article we will go deeper so that you can understand it and thus apply it in your projects. Usability is the ability of a program, software or in this case a Belgium Mobile Database web page or app, to be understood, used and attractive to the user . That is, the extent to which a product can be used by its target audience without any problem.
What is the origin of usability?

Machine-man interaction began almost 40 years ago, in the 1980s. At the beginning it was an area of ​​computer science specialization encompassing cognitive science and human factors engineering. This “adaptation” process began with the advent of personal computers . It was necessary to facilitate the use of these machines for non-technical people, so that everyone could get more out of the functionalities of the computers.

The approach consisted of goal setting, prototyping and testing from the initial stages of the projects. Ultimately the goal was to make practical designs for all users . Starting in the 90s, “usability” became a fundamental term when talking about product and process designs. Since the arrival of the internet in most homes, the importance of usability has increased. It is no longer valid to have a web page, but it must be useful and easy to use.
The 5 principles of usabilityBelgium Mobile Database

To know the quality of a product and see if it has a high quality, usability is based on 5 points that I explain below.

Ease of learning : one of the goals of usability is that users do not have any difficulties the first time they enter a system, website or application. It must be intuitive and easy to use.
Efficiency : once users have learned to navigate the interface, it is important to know the difficulties that users may encounter when performing tasks.
Memorabilidad: es importante que una vez que los usuarios vuelvan a utilizar el programa se acuerden de donde están los factores importantes de este. Por ejemplo, un buscador arriba a la derecha o información relevante en el footer.
Errors : consists of anticipating the possible errors that users make. Then it is important to provide solutions and assistance quickly.
Satisfaction : it would be the summary of the 4 points mentioned above. Together they give a level of satisfaction for the user. It is a subjective matter for each user, but if the previous points are met, the user will be.

The image shown below would be the home of the famous Tripadvisor travel website. In it we can see how usability is perfectly represented . On the one hand we have the menu with everything you need, as well as a search engine and how to access your profile.

Then, occupying practically the entire screen, we have an advanced search engine with everything we need, the city we want to visit, the dates and the number of people, what else is needed? usability example

The opposite case can be seen in the following image, an English second-hand car rental and sale page. In short, the page is a mess. We start at the bottom of it with a strange mixture of colors, a website that is not intuitive at all, logos everywhere, the central image that changes color aggressively. In short, too many things that distract the user . Of course the image given is not very good! If you want to visit that car rental page, here is the link . bad usability example
The design process

User-centered design processes consist of 4 users, and usability principles must be present in all the points explained below:

Specification of the context of use : consists of the identification of the users that interest the company, what they will use it for and under what conditions they will do so.
Specification of requirements and needs : identification of any objective or need by users. In this step we are determining the different functionalities of the product.
Technical and design solutions : this phase is also divided into stages. The important thing is to be clear about both the starting point (the design and the Brother Cell Phone List initial concept) and the final point (testing to see if it is suitable).
Design evaluation : the most important point to know if our product is suitable. Different types of tests and usability tests will be carried out. Once the tests are successfully passed, the product can be launched.

The first step to get a website or an app is to think how it should be . In the image shown we can see a mock up, that is, what would be the prototype of the web. From that design, from that base, the web page or app will be developed to obtain the same result. mock up usabildad

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