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What is the User experience?

The user experience or UX is the process of improving customer satisfaction with a product , in this case a web page or mobile application. It seeks to reinforce web usability and generate a feeling of superior pleasure in the interaction between the client and the product. Today it is the Belarus Mobile Database methodology that most conditions the actions of companies to create or modify a design of a web page or mobile app. In this article I will indicate tips and tricks of the user experience. Belarus Mobile Database

Within the world of user experience there are many dimensions that I try to group below:

Functionality : find a practical purpose for the web or app. That is, it is easy to meet the objectives of the users . Either make a purchase or contact the company.
Usability : the ability to navigate the website or app.
Interaction design (IxD): the objective of this functionality is to define and design a way for the interface to carry out its own actions and operations to comply with its established operation.
Information architecture : the way in which the information on the website or app is structured so that it is as understandable as possible.
Content strategy : it is important to choose a good content format, as well as the correct transmission channels to reach users.
User interface (UI) : it is the type of design focused on visual presentation. That is, make the web or the application beautiful.
Graphic design : it is related to the previous section, to make the web visually attractive.
Emotional design : consists of creating a speech around the application or the web.
Accessibility : ability to access a website by all types of users, regardless of their technological limitations. Users must be able to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the platform successfully. You have to design a website for all levels.

In the image that I show below you can see one of the most important points of web design, wireframes. We will talk about them below, but I think it is important to see a picture of what they mean. The best way to pre-design an attractive website for the user.

tips and tricks of the user experience
Tips and tricks of the user experience
12 Keys to user experience

Once we’ve talked about the dimensions of the user experience, it ‘s time to find out how to get more out of it . There are many tricks and keys to the user experience, below I indicate the keys to the user experience:

Usefulness : all the content of the web must have a practical utility for the user. There should be no content or images that do not add value. Quality before quantity.
Ease of search : it is essential that the user finds what he is looking for in the simplest and fastest way. You must meet your expectations as soon as possible.
Safety : fundamental factor. Not only on web pages that ask you for personal or financial information, but for everyone. Today it is a factor that influences the organic positioning of a website.
Added value : related to the first point. You have to offer added value beyond its practical functionality.
Desire : the user has to feel that they want what we offer. User experience is essential in this regard, to awaken in your users more desire to interact.
Usability : the effectiveness and efficiency of the website is essential for user satisfaction.
Agile UX : integrate user experience in web development methodologies.
Lean UX : these will be the routines that predispose teams to obtain high-quality results.
Mobile-First : Today the highest percentage of Internet searches are carried out with a mobile device. For this reason, it is important to take into account the limitations of these screens, which causes to be the needs of customers prioritized . The end result is a site that is easier to navigate and understand.
Friendly : the page should be simple. People always look for simplicity, and it is a key element of a good web design.
A / B test : with this technique 2 different designs will be elaborated. We will test which is simpler and more efficient . The one with the best performance will be the final design.
Wireframes : this is essential as a process prior to the Brother Cell Phone List creation of the web. It consists of a visual guide to the structure of a web page or app. In this way we will focus on content design before visual design.

As everyone knows, the majority of visits and users to a web page come from mobile devices and tablets. For this reason, Google has begun to give more importance to these devices. The pages should not be responsive anymore, but they have to be oriented from the beginning to these devices.

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