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Google Search Console Guide

In the world of digital marketing there are a large number of tools that help us to work. It is common to receive constant advertising, but there is a tool that does not need advertising, and that can make the difference between achieving a good positioning or not. This Belize Mobile Database is Google Search Console, Google’s great tool for SEO consultants. With this guide to google search console I will not only tell you what Google Search Console is, but I will tell you what you can achieve with it, I will keep some tricks, and believe me, there are many things.
¿ What is Google Search Console?

This tool, also known as Google Webmaster tools, which offers us a series of functionalities to optimize, analyze and check the situation of our website. Basically what we do with this tool is to make the task easier for Google, and we know what they like that we make it easy for them.

This free digital marketing tool will offer us better results than any other payment tool you know, I assure you, but you have to know how to take advantage of all its functionalities.
How do I start using Google Search Console?

To start this journey we will have to go to its official page, I leave you here the LINK , and use our Gmail account to access or to register, it is very simple. Here comes the first step, add the property of your website.
Adding a property

An important fact, it is recommended to add all properties of your web page, that is, all versions:

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Once we are going to add a property they will give us several options to verify it. They usually give 5 possibilities, the most common and easiest being to use the verification through Google Analytics or Google Tag manager. Here is what to do in each case:

Upload HTML file : You can verify the ownership of a website by uploading a special HTML file to your website. This file is linked to a specific user and will be given to you by the tool itself if you choose this option.
HTML tag : You can verify that you are the owner of a website by adding a <meta> tag to the HTML of a specific page. Google will verify that the meta tag exists in the correct location. Basically it is about adding one more code to the web. It is important that once the property has been verified you DO NOT erase the label or you will have to go through the process again.
DNS record : You can verify that you are the owner of a property at the domain level by adding a DNS record to your domain name provider. The tool itself explains the steps to follow. At first glance it seems like a complicated task, but nothing is further from the truth, Google makes it easy for us! Of course, this method is somewhat slow, it can take up to a day.
Google Analytics code : verification through the Google Analytics code.
Google Tag Manager container : verification through Google tag manager code.

Once we have chosen the method we want to use, we have to click on “VERIFY PROPERTY” and voila, first step achieved! add property 2

Google Search Console overview

Search Console is divided into several sections, as we can see in the image that I expose below. The most important points being the general description, the Brother Cell Phone List performance, the Index section, the improvements section, the security section and the links, well, everything is important!
General description

In this section we can see at a glance the performance of our website (clicks, views, keywords), the coverage index (it tells us if the website has errors) and the improvements related to mobile usability and the AMP structure. In the following image we can see this section, in this case from my personal website.

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