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Apart from this this tool can help you optimize your online marketing efforts. It can also increase the efficiency of Contact Engagement during the. Customer Journey. summarize So that your online marketing can attract e. and your customers. Of course, retaining existing customers to stay with us continues. It would cost less than starting to find new customers, right? So Platform CRM will be another way to retain existing customers. Including increasing the opportunity to reach target customers who are likely to be our customers as well. For interested readers can try ActiveCampaign free at: Click Facebook Twitter Line The trend in video marketing is not new, but how.

That consumers continue

Because it is a trend that has been talked about since 2020 and is still a trend that marketers should pay attention to. We can see that the platforms  to use more and more. YouTube, for example, remains the largest collection of video formats. Or even short video content like TikTok or Reels with increasing number of users. Therefore, let’s understand Taiyuan Phone Number the reasons why brands should turn to video marketing. Why SMEs should turn to video marketing small business owner And many entrepreneurs are reluctant to start doing video marketing because of the difficulty. long time use and the use of high costs According to the survey, 16% of non-video marketers don’t because they don’t have time, while 17% don’t because they think it’s too expensive. which is not strange Because many of you may have seen Video from big brands.

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That has a high production cost or hires an influencer that is popular at that time But in this article, we will show how Video Marketing can be done in a low-cost form suitable for SME businesses. 5 Ideas for Video Marketing For 5 ideas for making Video List Provider Marketing that the author has brought to the reader today. It’s an idea that small businesses can do themselves. Because it is the introduction of existing brand content to insert creativity to be more interesting.

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