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What is the agile Scrum methodology?

It is not the first time that I am going to talk about agile methodologies, I have already made an introduction to them and I have talked in depth about the Kanban methodology , well, today it is the other most popular one, the agile scrum methodology .
What is the agile scrum methodology?

This agile methodology is based on the Iceland Mobile Database continuous application of good collaborative practices , as a team, thus obtaining the best result in the project. It is mainly applied in long-term and highly complex projects, and its popularity is derived from the fact that it allows projects to be approached from two points, one global and the other specific, depending on where it is.
How is the working method?

The work is based on sprints or short-term deliveries , the general rule is two weeks, and in that period of time you should already get a real opinion about that work, to know if you move on to the next task or there is to do it again. The great advantage of this work model is that with each stage the work carried out can be perfected , in addition to the fact that it is not necessary to wait for one team to finish its task for another to start theirs, but it will be at the end of the project. when all the projects, mini stages come together and the final result is observed.

The agile scrum methodology is very useful for the client to verify the progress of the project step by step . That is, you will not find a project already done, but you can correct aspects of each of the deliveries, thus avoiding redoing a whole project.
What roles or profiles can we find ourselves?Iceland Mobile Database

For a project to be successful following this type of work, it is essential that the roles are well defined, being able to find three assets in the project:

Product owner : he is the mediator between the client and the team, and must guarantee that the project goes according to plan.
Scrum master : he is more involved in field work, checking that the team reaches its goals on the set dates. He will be in charge of providing support if necessary.
Scrum team : the base of this pyramid. They are in charge of carrying out the project.

With these different roles existing, meetings become vitally important, without forgetting that time is a differential value. In each work session you should only talk about the assigned task, and it should have a marked beginning and an end.
What is the agile Scrum methodology?What are the main differences between Agile Scrum and Kanban methodology?

These are very different working methods, and below I would like to highlight some of the main differences between the two:

In Scrum you work in stages, sprints, while in Kanban the work is continuous, without defined cycles during development.
In Scrum the number of tasks in parallel is limited by iterations, while in Kanban it is limited by the state of the workflow,
In Scrum it is essential that the team is made up of multidisciplinary staff, while in Kanban the teams are made up of specialists. This can lead to problems, but with the Brother Cell Phone List correct organization, there should be no problems.
In Scrum we cannot modify sprints, while in Kanban tasks can be dragged until they are finished.

Should I apply this methodology in my project?

The agile scrum methodology is very useful when we talk about long projects , and it will help us to fulfill small stages. I recommend it when it comes to a homogeneous job, being very common in the ICT or software development sector.

I trust that the article has been interesting for you, and that you will compare this working method with the agile methodology scrum , and implement the one that can give you the most benefits in your company. If you have used this, or any other, I would like to know your opinion.

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