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Artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is a very fashionable term in recent years, and if we put it together with digital marketing, we could be talking about two of the most repeated expressions in most companies . Now, let’s think about what would happen if we decided to India Mobile Database combine artificial intelligence and digital marketing, the result is likely to surprise us. I have recently been lucky enough to finish a Big Data postgraduate degree at INESDI , I recommend it, where I have seen and implemented cases where the synergies between both terms were incredible, and that this has only just begun. With this article I want to show you that with the implementation of artificial intelligence, and I’m not talking about robots that cook us, we can obtain better results in our strategies.
What is artificial intelligence?

I start from the basis that everyone knows what digital marketing consists of, and that is that I am not going to explain it again, it is not very complicated, they are joining two concepts. The recent term, artificial intelligence, is the one that will generate the most interest in this article, and it is that science fiction movies have made us believe certain things, and not all of them are true.

When we talk about artificial intelligence we refer to the combination of algorithms in order to create machines that look like humans, and that can do tasks just like us . We see the best known use of artificial intelligence with smartphones or Google for example. We can ask Siri or Cortana a question and in most cases it will answer it without any problem. What seems so simple, actually has great complexity, which can undoubtedly add a lot of value to our communication strategy.
AI today India Mobile Database

Una encuesta elaborada por Salesforce, sin lugar a dudas el principal CRM de la actualidad, indica que más de la mitad de los expertos de marketing ya utiliza esta tecnología, y que durante este próximo año, 2020, esa cifra puede llegar hasta el 80%. Salesforce nos permite por ejemplo automatizar todos los procesos de marketing de una empresa, desde el envío de emails hasta la clasificación de los nuevos leads en categorías.

How can I improve a digital marketing strategy with artificial intelligence?

First of all I would like to indicate that anyone who does digital advertising will use artificial intelligence tools , or in case when we are going to carry out a campaign in Google Ads we cannot receive a series of recommendations for the selection of keywords?

Next I will talk about some ideas in which artificial intelligence and digital marketing can be combined in a positive way.
Content generation

Content will always be the king of the internet , can you imagine being able to write news or new articles every minute? Although that is still a bit far for us, some newspapers like the Washington Post use an AI system called Heliograf that can write news at incredible speed, and is used mainly for local coverage. Its way of working is interesting, thanks to the contribution of football teams and their fans with statistics and comments, it is able to create a news item about that event. Amazing, right?

It is important to understand that nowadays a “robot” cannot take the job of a writer, but can take away the workload , especially that related to obtaining historical and statistical data.

Some platforms like Google Ads have already used this type of technology for some time, and the truth is that it works quite well. The keyword planner is a clear example of success . You give a series of keywords and a landing page and the tool itself returns several combinations that you can use, not only to make ads, but also to create new content.
Artificial intelligence and email marketing

Artificial intelligence has been improving the Brother Cell Phone List quality of email marketing for several years. On the one hand , it allows us to segment our database in a remarkable way, for this it is always advisable to make a segmentation model and train it, someday, sooner or later I will talk about this.

According to a study by one of the most important consulting firms in the world, McKinsey & Company , Amazon, which is undoubtedly the great example of digital advances , generated 35% of its income thanks to the recommendation of products it made through your email marketing campaigns . Either with notices of the abandoned shopping cart or with related products that other users with a similar profile had bought.

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