What does an Inbound Marketing Agency do

An inbound marketing agency is a company that uses the strategy of the same name to help clients leverage their business and achieve good results. It is worth noting that inbound marketing is nothing more than a set of actions with the objective of attracting and converting customers through relevant content that solves pain for their personas. Here it is possible to measure the actions to adapt the strategies and identify what works and what does not bring results. As well as generating added value for your customers. Focusing on building the relationship. Thus. An agency focused on this strategy aims to raise more visibility. Recognition and authority for your company in an organic way. Strategies are set up. Content is created and analyzes are carried out by a company specializing in digital growth. In a marketing agency you will find several specialists.

What is an Inbound Marketing Agency

However the difference from an agency specializing in inbound is in the focus of these activities. That is. At all these moments. It will be analyzed whether what is being produced by these professionals actually converts and advances leads in the sales funnel. What are the Chile Phone Number List processes? Inbound marketing agency to summarize and explain bluntly. Having a partnership with a company specialized in this area is acquiring several qualified professionals in one place. One of the main processes of these professionals is the integration with the commercial team to further complete the strategies. Ensuring that the two teams work together and with the same goals. That’s why you need to have an in-house marketer in your company to facilitate alignment. It is worth noting that a team of experts should not be replaced by just one in-house professional.

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What are the processes

As we have already discussed. An agency works with qualified and experienced people to execute all the demands of this strategy. An in-house professional will be the bridge between your company and the agency. So. Generally. The processes of an inbound marketing agency are: planning: it all starts with planning. Here. Research is carried out to identify your personas. Channels. Positioning. And the objectives and goals to generate List Provider superior results for your company; attracting strategies: this is the time to attract people who don’t know your brand through seo. Rich material. Blog and social networks. These strategies help your site to rank. Bringing more visitors constantly; conversion: now is the time to turn these visitors (who were unknown) into a lead by filling out forms. Whether on landing pages. Pop ups. Chatbots. Or even on your website.

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