Inside Sales discover the advantages of this strategy

Inside sales is an english term for the method corresponding to inside sales. In this concept. The seller uses the technological tools available to make a sale. That is. The time and investment spent to go to a customer in person will be optimized because the salesperson does not leave the company to try to close a deal. Therefore. The goal of this strategy is to reduce travel costs in order to increase salespeople’s productivity. As well as developing better customer experiences and increasing the performance of the sales team . All this. Done with the help of technology. According to a survey . An outside sales call costs around $308. While an inside sales call costs $50. This survey also points out that 46% of high-growth technology companies are growing through internal sales.

What is Inside Sales

In comparison the who use foreign sales. And yet. According to a study by . 30% of the world’s sales operations are carried out in this model. For companies with large sales teams. The aim is to increase this percentage to 40%. Despite the gradual to Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List this new model. It is necessary to differentiate inside sales from telemarketing. The first is much more consultative and uses inbound marketing to get customers to come to the company. In more complex sales. Such as b2b. This is an essential tool to optimize processes. Meanwhile. Sales of the telemarketing model take place over the phone. Telephone numbers are captured in a variety of ways. Such as old databases. Telephone directories or registration. To add. In this model there is no lead qualification . Unlike the first one. Which reduces productivity and the chances of making the sale.

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The role of Inside Sales

The role of inside sales inside sales in this context. The salesperson acts as a consultant and. Therefore. Understands the customer’s needs in more detail. Focusing on resolution. In addition. It needs to spark interest in the prospect. Generate rapport in the lead. And build the relationship to close the sale. In this case. The seller or sdr (sales development representative) needs to work side by side with the marketing team to know List Provider how to evaluate. For example. The opportunities to transform the prospect into a lead. Also. It needs to recognize the players and identify the gaps. As well as: establish contact with cold leads; identify possible cross-sell and up-sell opportunities; maintain customer relationships through different channels. Such as email and videoconferencing; conduct an online demonstration of what is being sold during the contact know the products and services offered.

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