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Does it match the words we have planne? If not, will change In order not to pay for advertising, unfortunately. Caution 5: Do not check the results of the selecte words in the Text Ad. For those who still can’t imagine what Text Ad is, let’s expand on it.seen ads like this when searching for something on Google. Image from Adstage. In this picture, in the re frame is Text Ad, which refers to a text ad that consists of a headline. ad description Website link and Call to Action.

We spend money on advertising

According to the principles of Responsive Search Ads , we can You can set up to 15 Google Ads Text Ads so that the system will randomly choose which 3 ad words to Latvia Phone Number show to each customer. As for descriptions or descriptions, we can define 4 types, which the system will randomly show 2 descriptions for each customer. Responsive Search Ads therefore show up to 43,680 different ad formats. With Google’s system randomly chooses ads like this.

Latvia Phone Number

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Therefore it is always a good idea to check how each word is use affects your advertising performance, for example, which word has a better effect on advertising. or which word is use to buy ads and it doesn’t work We will cut that word out and find a new word to List Provider replace it. Caution 6: The investment is not appropriate for each campaign. When We would want the results to be income back, right? Which, if using any keywords to buy ads and get good feeback We may spend money on that keyword. so that the target audience sees more of our ads as well On the other hand, if any keyword is not able to generate much sales. We should reuce the budget spent on that keyword.

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