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Possible delete that keyword altogether. But the problem that I will continue to tell is that the ad buyers put in a small investment even though the keywords are well receive. Make the ads go as far as they should be. For example, if we take care of 5-10 campaigns, but pay only 180 baht per campaign per day, our ads will show less than they should be. which keywords or campaigns have the best response. We can spend money on these parts. and turn off or select the part that doesn’t work. But if your budget is really tight, there are a number of ways to save money but be more effective in advertising.

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Use only Phrase Match and Exact Match keywords so that our ads will show when people search for specific keywords. Not mixe with other keywords that have different meanings. Use various features of Google Ad Extensions such as inserting a Lebanon Phone Number picture, inserting phone number, adding location, and rating to help our ads stand out, be interesting, make people want to click more.If you are one of the executives, managers or business owners who want to increase knowlege and develop effective online marketing strategy skills, STEPS Academy presents a  that will turn you into a strategic deer. good Along with understanding the mechanism of operation of each social meia channel, including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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The Importance of YouTube Ads in Capturing Your Audience and Growing Business Sales In an era where online advertisers are fiercely competitive, YouTube ads List Provider are another way to make our business more known. Because if compared to Google, which is the number one platform in the world, YouTube is the second most used platform after Google, YouTube is a platform that has a lot of potential if we understand.

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