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Because it shows that the audience clicks to watch ads and decide to buy a lot of services. By 2022, the average conversion rate on YouTube will be. Photo from Renolon Conversely, if the conversion rate is below average We should adjust a new strategy, for example. Analyze whether for advertising shooting Because sometimes. We may shoot ads to people who are interested but don’t have the budget to buy. Develop landing pages to meet customer needs and close sales faster. Here’s how to calculate the conversion rate: Product Sales. Number of Clicks 100 For example, if someone clicks on our. YouTube ad 1,000 times, but there are 50 real purchases, the conversion rate will.

The right target audience

Cost Per Acquisition herein refers to the actions of our customers after viewing our advertisements . Which the action that can be many more channels to communicate  things, such as Lebanon Phone Number chatting to ask for product information from the admin Ordering products on the website filling out forms Various subscriptions Cost Per Acquisition is calculated by comparing the cost of advertising to the actions taken by a single customer. to find out how much we cost.

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Google often recommends

Is it worth the investment? according to this formula Total Ad Spend Number of Conversions For example, if your total ad spend is $10,000 and there admin¬† are 500 conversions, then your CPA would be $10,000/500, which is $20. Image from LinkedIn What’s more,¬† how much more advertising money we should spend. in order to reach the CPA goal List Provider set like this picture. We shoot ads at $300 per day, but Google recommends that we pay $900 per day for ads to optimize our ads. In addition to looking at customer behavior or actions through the YouTube backend, we can also view this data through other tools or platforms.

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