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These productions will invade the Disney catalog this weekend

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These productions will invade the Disney catalog this weekend

Disney + continues to surprise its subscribers. mobile number user name list  This coming weekend it is expected that at least four productions will arrive in its catalog as part of the premieres of April that are added to the new chapters of its original series each week. Don’t lose track of them. Most of the movies will come to enrich the offer of the streaming server that wants to position itself as the best of the moment due to everything that can be found in its catalog. mobile number user name list  Cruella’s new trailer shows the origins of her terrifying evil These are the four productions that will arrive on April 9: The great Showman Disney premieres + weekend Photo: Courtesy Disney .

An original musical inspired by the life of PT Barnum and starring Hugh Jackman  mobile number user name list . Barnum was a visionary who started from scratch to create the ” World’s Greatest Show , ” a show and celebration of his overflowing imagination that captivated audiences across the globe. A unique cast accompanies this musical production that will conquer you . Lion heart The story of Ivana Cornejo and León Godoy —a successful lawyer and a renowned architect who meet in a telephone conversation and coordinate to meet at a confectionery. When Ivana sees León she is perplexed . mobile number user name list  He is everything she dreamed of but he’s mobile number user name list  Now Ivana will have to overcome those 45 centimeters that the man in her life is missing. A romantic comedy with an important message where love overcomes all obstacles. In trend Iron Anniversary, the incredible celebration for the ten years of Game of Thrones Oscar 2021: Release dates in Mexico of the nominees for Best Film Appearances The Argentine romantic comedy is also part of the Disney + premieres . The mobile number user name list film tells the story of a shy young man who uses the appearances of his sexuality to get closer to his beloved and thus be able to conquer her . It is a movie about tangles so that the protagonists can enjoy their relationship .


Notre Dame: Reconstruction Disney premieres mobile number user name list , a major fire affected the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral , leaving it on the brink of collapse. Even before the last embers were extinguished, the French were already committed to rebuilding their beloved cathedral , which has represented the soul of French culture for almost list provider years. This special presentation delves into the rubble alongside heroes who risk their lives to keep what was left of Notre-Dame standing to restore it to its former glory. mobile number user name list  New episodes of series Falcon and the Winter Soldier The series of the moment ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​will also premiere a new episode this weekend in the catalog.  mobile number user name list Photo: Courtesy Disney +. In addition to these productions, Disney + will premiere this weekend new chapters of original series that are currently in progress within the catalog, among which you can find: ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, ‘Unidos’, ‘The Mighty Ducks’, ‘Connect and sing’, ‘El Ristorantino de Arnoldo’ and ‘Rare but true!

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