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The Nevers: protagonists share the details behind the HBO series

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The Nevers: protagonists share the details behind the HBO series

HBO has once again thrilled its subscribers with the arrival of ‘The Nevers’,  list of india phone numbers the series written and directed by Joss Whedon . The new production stands out for its unique plot that takes us on a journey to another era to meet its powerful protagonists. Released on April 11 , list of india phone numbers  ‘The Nevers’ plans to become the series of the moment. Set in Victorian times , the inhabitants of London are surprised by a supernatural phenomenon that leaves certain people, especially women, surprising abilities or powers in its wake .

All those who acquire them are also exposed to new dangers. It is there when the characters of Amalia  list of india phone numbers True (Laura Donnelly) and Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) enter , who seek to recruit these people against brutal forces that seek to destroy their species. You can also read: Movies available on Netflix for list of india phone numbers  those looking for something different The Nevers HBO Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly have the main roles in ‘The Nevers’. Photo: Courtesy HBO. To learn a little more about ‘ The Nevers’ , Forbes Life had the opportunity to talk with the stars of the production Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly , who took  list of india phone numbers us into the surprising world of the series that, more than a production full of magic and superpowers , brings a range of themes with which the public will connect. Laura Donelly, who plays Amalia True , a mysterious and impulsive widow, was surprised by the history of the series since she read the script, being captivated from the first moment, finding enough challenges for her interpretation list of india phone numbers  .


My first reaction when reading the script was to think that it is written in a very beautiful way, that it is complex and has charismatic characters. There were different elements like drama, action, emotional and funny moments. list of india phone numbers  I was very excited to think about all these elements and to think about being able  list of india phone numbers to  list provider explore them as an actress. He met all the requirements that I look for in a character that I want to play . Laura Donnelly list of india phone numbers  The Nevers HBO Set in Victorian times in London, the series recreates every detail. Photo: Courtesy HBO. When I first read the script, I remember being out of breath, there was a lot going on in an episode, I could imagine it. Since I had the opportunity to see it, it was much more than I imagined and thought possible list of india phone numbers .

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