Gael García will expose the country’s climate crisis in a web series

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Gael García will expose the country’s climate crisis in a web series

The climate crisis in Mexico will be told through Gael García and Yanira  mobile phone number directory india Aguilar . Both will be the witnesses that intertwine the stories through the web series ‘The theme’ , which will be shared through the YouTube channel of the production company ‘The Gulf Stream’ . mobile phone number directory india  The six documentary short films that make up ‘El tema’ will be narrated through the stories and experiences of environmental activists, human rights defenders, indigenous communities, academics and civil society organizations. The web series is one of the projects promoted by the production company ‘The Gulf Stream’ in which Gael García is a participant along with Diego Luna . The first episode will premiere on April 13 on the producer’s YouTube channel. mobile phone number directory india Netflix will remove productions from its catalog in April The Gael García theme Photo: Montserrat Catania  The Gulf Stream. The original idea for ‘El tema’ is by Gael García himself with Pablo Montaña , while Santiago Maza is in the direction.

The production exposes the stories of the current Mexican context on the  mobile phone number directory india subject while offering reflection on the impact of each problem. “The climate is changing because of us. It is difficult to accept. Why would we systematically harm ourselves knowing that in the end we will all lose mobile phone number directory india  Progress should not be linked to the destruction of ecosystems, people, nations and a long etcetera, however, it is in the name of progress and accumulation that the destruction of nature has been justified instead of the preservation of all the wealth that we have in it. We have to talk about the climate crisis and how to remedy it. mobile phone number directory india  We have to talk about this issue at all levels, in schools, at work, with the family and in the policies we undertake ”. Gael García Bernal commented.


Do not miss: Really heartbreaking movies available on mobile phone number directory india Netflix The shorts are framed in ecosystems and natural landscapes threatened by human impact in different states of the country, and the topics that are addressed are Water, in Chihuahua Air, in Monterrey; Carbon, in Coahuila; Oceans,  list provider in Cozumel Energy, in Tabasco; and Food in Chapala.  mobile phone number directory india Each episode shows a specific problem and intertwines visions, strategies and actions to be able to propose a possible future with a climate vision that is part of the country’s political agenda. ‘El tema’ arises as a web series that exposes mismanagement of the issue on the political agenda, denouncing how some projects directly affect the peasant and indigenous communities where they are, in addition to damaging natural areas with high ecosystem value. In trend: Oscar 2021: Release dates in Mexico of the nominees for Best Film The shorts will be available for free distributed as follows mobile phone number directory india.

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