These are all the premieres that will arrive on Netflix during May

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These are all the premieres that will arrive on Netflix during May

The best premieres in the streaming world in May will come from Netflix . Once again the company is preparing to bring its subscribers a wide variety of titles that will arrive during the next month and that you cannot miss. Series, movies, documentaries, content for children and anime will keep you attentive in front of your device. Netflix original productions greece phone as well as content from other production companies— come to the catalog to make it one of the best compared to other servers. Take note: below the detailed list of all the content that will arrive in May. You can also read: ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ shows mind-blowing trailer Series Netflix Superheroes and a lot of action, so they are part of the premieres in series like ‘The Legacy of Jupiter’. Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

The Series Part 2 – May 4 Jupiter’s Legacy – May 7 Love, death and robots (Volumen 2) – 14 de mayo Who Killed Sara? (Season 2) -May 19 Special (Season 2) – May 20 The Neighbor (Season 2) – May 21 Lucifer Season 5 (Part 2) – May 28 The Kominsky Method (Season 3) – May 8 Ragnarok (Season 2) – coming soon Outlander (Season 5) Halston Films The woman in the window_Netflix ‘The woman in the window’, starring Amy Adams, is one of the most anticipated premieres on the platform. Photo: Courtesy Netflix. Monster – May 7 Oxygen – May 12 The dance of 41 – May 12 The Woman in the Window – May 14 Army of the Dead – May 21 Blue Miracle – May 27 Documentaries and specials Netflix Photo: Courtesy Netflix. Sam’s Children: A Descent Into Hell – May 5 Money, in a nutshell.

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David Copeland The Man Who Landed in London – May 26 To ask the word: How African-American Cuisine Transformed America In trend: Movies available on Netflix for those looking for something different Children and family Netflix The world of dinosaurs is back with this animated series. Photo: Courtesy Netflix. Big Truck   The Grinch Jurassic World Cretaceous Camp (list provider) – May 21 Anime Netflix The anime will also hit Netflix with three productions. Photo: Courtesy Netflix. Castlevania (Season 4) – May 13 Kuroko no Basket Eden – May 27, 15 Do not miss: Mortal Kombat: These are the characters that will duel in the film Have you already chosen your favorite premieres of the month? Hours of entertainment will be waiting for you on Netflix.

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