Todo lo invisible the intimate reflection of Barbara Mori and Ari Brickman

‘Todo lo invisible’ mobile price list in greece  film starring Bárbara Mori and Ari Brickman – hits theaters in our country on April 22. With a moving , thought-provoking story , the plot takes us into a peculiar drama that shows us that an event can drastically change our lives. Directed by Mariana Chenillo , the film follows the story of Jonás, a renowned dentist who goes blind due to a car accident mobile price list in greece  . Vulnerability, emotions and resistance to adapt play an important role within the plot to find its more mature version during the process. The director, after many years of keeping history in mind for its development, found in Ari Brickman the creative mobile price list in greece  support for its realization. The origins of ‘Todo lo invisible’ lie in his student days, when at the beginning of his career his retina detached, causing him to question this situation. You can also mobile price list in greece Surprising data that you did not know about the films nominated for Best Picture ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ shows mind-blowing trailer Everything invisible movie Photo Courtesy.

“I had this doubt about what to do if something happened to my eyes, since I couldn’t keep doing it.  mobile price list in greece I looked for a way to turn it into fiction in a tone that seemed to me that it was not melodramatic or a self-help book that did not interest me as a spectator, so it stayed there wanting to do it until I had the invaluable help of Ari  mobile price list in greece ”He shared in an interview for Forbes Life. In its consolidation, the film – in addition to addressing the issue of blindness – opened the way for other themes to be addressed around the plot . Among them, as Chenillo comments, the importance of the need as human beings to understand that we cannot always be strong and that we need help. ‘Todo lo invisible’ is a film that invited the protagonists to create awareness through their characters, generating an intimate state of reflection. In the case of Bárbara Mori, who plays the wife of Jonás mobile price list in greece ‘ character, she points out that there were several reflections around her participation. Everything invisible Bárbara Mori Photo Courtesy.

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“One of the most beautiful mobile price list in greece  reflections that the film has, because it has several, is to realize how lucky we are to be healthy and well and to be here. I feel that life is so vulnerable and we human beings list provider  have this vulnerability that we do not know what will happen tomorrow, which is one of the great lessons that the pandemic left us, “says the co-leading actress mobile price list in greece . Within the film, the character of Bárbara Mori becomes the catalyst for emotions that the male protagonist leaves behind. She serves as a mother, as a wife and confidant, even in moments where everything seems to fall apart. Bárbara Mori everything invisible Bárbara Mori personifies the wife of Jonás, who loses her sight in an accident. mobile price list in greece  Courtesy.

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