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Earth Day Everything you need to know about this commemoration

Floods, natural disasters, extreme temperatures, health pandemics our planet is suffering a series of attacks that affect millions of people, with increasing frequency. For this reason, the commemoration  cell phone use in greece of Earth Day acquires greater relevance than ever. Every year in Mexico and the United States, a citizen movement that was born  years ago is celebrated on April 22 . This was a call to promote actions that benefit the planet and establish a long-term dialogue on the damage caused to the environment , as well as the importance of preserving the ecosystem. According to the UNEP cell phone use in greece  ( United Nations Environment Program ) every four months a new infectious disease emerges in humans and of these comes from animals. “This shows the close relationships between human, cell phone use in greece  animal and environmental health.

” DISCOVER Oumuamua would come from another solar system, says research cell phone use in greecereveals spectacular images of auroras from the nightside of Jupiter Earth day  Louis Maniquet / Unsplash. For this reason, the environment directly depends on the health of the planet and the more than billion people who live on it. “Restoring our damaged ecosystems will help end poverty, combat climate change and prevent a mass extinction,” says the United Nations (UN). EARTH DAY COMMEMORATION The first time that International Mother Earth Day (or simply Earth Day) was celebrated was in cell phone use in greece when about 20 million people took to the streets of the United States to protest against oil spills and pollution of the rivers. Although it was in 2009 when the UN decreed its commemoration every year cell phone use in greece .

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For 2021 the committee in charge of organizing it, , has prepared three days of activities , from cell phone use in greece , in which global activists, international leaders and influential people will meet in three parallel summits .  There will be an in-depth conversation on: climate literacy, environmental justice and other climate-focused topics. You may also like: James Webb: list provider  The Largest Space Telescope to Orbit “This Earth Day we have an important opportunity cell phone use in greece  to challenge world leaders to see climate change for what it is: a pressing global security threat,” warned Kathleen Rogers, President of Earthday cell phone use in greece .

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