The window that speaks or advertising to the bone

While in many countries is prohibited advertising subliminal , in Germany a way was created to reach your brain directly through a “talking window” on trains. Well, it is not subliminal, but it could be confused, the most curious thing, it only speaks to you Do you want to know more?

The Argentina Mobile Number Database agency BBDO together with Sky Deutschland, developed a new technology to send warnings from train windows, directly to the brains of passengers. The name of this system is “Bone Conduction” and until now, it had been used only with deaf people or with military personnel.

How does it work? Imagine that you are traveling, you are very tired and you lean your head against the window. Suddenly you hear a voice that asks you- internally- “Are you bored? Take your cell phone and search SKY, enjoy what you want, whenever you want ”. And if you look to the side, you will see that people have not been fazed. The message is only for you. It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it?

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It is a technology that works by means of the vibration emitted by the windows of the moving train. It is as if that vibration speaks, then it goes directly to the brain through the bones. The brain then converts the vibrations, decodes them into Phone Number List understandable sounds and words, and transmits them to the inner ear. Literally, advertising to the bone. Here we leave you the video so that you can see how this revolutionary system for really works advertising but that, without a doubt, will be controversial for much of the world.

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