Your next smartphone could protect you from bacteria

For a long time, the idea-rumor has circulated that our beloved smartphone could contain more bacteria than a public bathroom. Yes, it is a disaster, but it has a logic. Imagine all theĀ Argentina Phone Numbers List places we leave the phone during the day – in our pockets, purse, car, office, bathroom, etc – and then think about how contaminated it will be. But it won’t be forever.

According to a note published by the site Phone Arena , the company Corning , manufacturer of the well-known Gorilla Glass, is developing a screen made of this material, which would be antimicrobial and antibacterial. In fact, Company Vice President Jeff Evenson broke the usual silence at the last MIT Mobile Summit, a month ago. On the occasion, he compared two pieces of glass – one common and the other with antibacterial technology – covered with Escherichia coli. After half an hour there was a significant decrease in the antimicrobial crystal and after two hours the bacteria had been removed, while the other crystal was still unchanged on the bacteria.

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According to the site All Things Digital , Evenson also presented the work that the company is doing to get non-reflective screens in places where the light is very bright, but did not give specific details of any of the technologies (Would someone give them?), nor the date on which they intend to put them on the market. It is estimated that it will not be before two years. In any case, it will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, there Phone Number List are several companies that offer special products to eliminate bacteria from screens, such as Zagg Wipes Antibacteriales, an article that was born with mobile phones and that has little advertising (they make shipments in different parts of the world only on the Internet and people know about them on the recommendation of third parties).

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