Do you know electro dynamic clothing?

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Do you know electro dynamic clothing?

Another technological novelty that arises motivated by smartphones International.- Smartphones continue to give surprises every day, because the Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List have become a channel of creative motivation for companies around the world. An company in advertising Japan has just developed T-shirts that are activated by smartphone.

It is about “Asoberu-T” (T-shirt to play), the t-shirts that, according to the site 24-hour , become a screen that comes to life with virtual scenes, when focused by the camera of a Smartphone. This technology was designed by Dentsu – the largest public relations and advertising company in Japan – and is activated by means of codes, which are recognized by the application that must be downloaded to the phone. This is the one that activates the projection of virtual images, turning them into an animated scene that appears on the shirt.

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Según el sitio Coolest Gadgets, la aplicación permite además modificar las imágenes desde el teléfono y realizar nuevas creaciones, las cuales pueden ser subidas a un sitio especial creado por Dentsu. The information has been published in various media for a couple of days and it seems that the invention has caused a great impact so far, with its presentation. According to the information provided by the site Akihabaranews , as part of its first launch stage, it is the popular Japanese brand Beams that is using, since June 6, the “Asoberu-T” and in collaboration with the animation company Gindama and The Wonderful! They will perform 5 types of Asoberu-T.

No information is recorded on when they will Phone Number List spread to other regions, but undoubtedly creativity Japanese will be a source of motivation for other companies in the world to invent similar applications or, in the worst case, acquire the necessary licenses to replicate the model. on other continents, this is what some have called “electro-dynamic clothing”.

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