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New clothing line Candy Crush

They want to deny it, but the figures prevent it. Many people in the world say that they have not been tempted to play Candy Crush and deny theĀ Armenia Mobile Phone Number Database addiction, but the truth is that more than 190 million people are absolutely committed to the games created by King , and this is, without a doubt, the preferred one. So much so that from now on, fans will be able to buy her clothing line Candy Crush . Do you want to know the models?

In order to continue to gain a following, King, which has a mobile download record of more than 10 million – making it the most popular game on Facebook, according to the site 24-hour – is now expanding its branch of business and delivered license to use its products as a design for socks to the Swedish company Happy Socks. The products were co-created by both companies and were initially based on the figures in the game.

Armenia Phone Number List

According to an interview conducted by The New York Times with company spokesperson, Tommy Palm , the segment where the greatest interest in playing is concentrated is among women aged 25 to 55, but ensures that it works excellently in other segments as well. For this reason, no one doubts that the business with the Swedish company will be successful. The executive also points out that, daily, it is played from mobile devices ” more than 600 million times.”

Along with being the most successful game of the Phone Number List company and also of Facebook, it is the one that has given King the most money, because although it is free and only 30% of the players invest in more “lives” or “tools” to keep moving forward, the possibilities that its popularity provides, as this same company for the sale of licensed products and merchandising is very lucrative.

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