The permanent use of the smartphone makes us lose good manners

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The permanent use of the smartphone makes us lose good manners

Our love for the mobile phone has led us to skip the most basic rules of education. Good manners are lost even in the most intimate moments, in the most private sphere, when face-to-face interaction is essential, and these electronic devices only interfere with human relationships.

Although it seems unthinkable, mobile Kenya Mobile Database devices are present even during sexual intercourse. According to the survey published by Skout, 49% of users have interrupted this type of relationship to answer the phone. A fact that affects both men and women, although it is more common in the case of men. 25% of men along with 17% of women admit to having interrupted this type of intimate encounter to answer the phone.

It is not surprising, therefore, that this nice terminal is also the chosen way to end a romantic relationship. Half of those surveyed have turned to their smartphone to inform their partner that their affair was over. In this case, women (48%) predominate, compared to men (39%).

The use of the smartphone in the social environment is considered disrespectful, although it is commonly practiced

Using mobile devices while we are with more people is not frowned upon. Although it is something that is done frequently, 67% of users consider it to be a sign of bad manners; That leaves a lot to be desired about said person’s manners. Kenya Mobile Database

For example, 52% of those surveyed consider that the mobile phone should not be present at the table at mealtime; although, everything is said, 70% affirm with a certain sense of guilt that he does it too.

Another too frequent fact is that of talking on the phone, while we are with people. 34% admit that they speak too loudly on the phone, which is annoying when in public, while 13% make calls in the middle of the meal, thus breaking the tranquility and cordiality desirable for this moment.

However, 78% positively value those people with Brother Cell Phone List who do show respect for others, and avoid using their phone in these types of social encounters.

Mobile devices are definitely an element that we cannot separate ourselves from, day or night. A fact that allows us to remain in contact with our environment, but which, clearly, is deteriorating our personal relationships. The possibility of enjoying the physical presence of people remains in the background, even in moments as important as the sexual act.

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