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2 in 3 Millennials use mobile apps when shopping

The inseparable mobile devices are an essential tool when buying, especially among Millennials; the most active consumers. To strengthen their purchasing decisions, these young people are increasingly turning to mobile applications. The Kuwait Mobile Database data from the CFI Group report indicates that 2 out of 3 Millennials use apps within the store itself.

Consumers use mobile shopping apps twice as much as last year

The use of mobile applications has experienced remarkable growth this year. The data in the report shows that, on average, 41% of consumers use these apps while shopping; which is practically double that of last year (21%).

The age groups most adept at using them are young people between the ages of 18 and 24 (68%) and Millennials (66%). For its part, this percentage stands at around 50% in the case of consumers, up to 44% and drops significantly (30%) from 45 years of age.

These age differences are not so significant in the case of the rest of the applications. As Nielsen showed this month, users between the ages of 18 and 24 spend just over 37 hours a month, while those up to 44 spend about 35 hours a month. Kuwait Mobile Database

What role do mobile apps play during the purchase process?

The study indicates that these customers have between 2 and 4 shopping applications installed on their smart terminal. It is a way to connect with the company directly; when and where the client needs it. A powerful sales tool that allows you to improve the shopping experience and offer a targeted proposal.

Consumers mainly turn to these apps to compare prices, search for discounts and coupons (47%). Of them, 45% affirm that they use these coupons and offers that they receive through their mobile.

These mobile applications are also a useful tool to facilitate the purchase process. 51% of the participants in the study showed their predisposition to directly buy the product that interests them through the apps; if available.

It also helps them to expand information about the Brother Cell Phone List product and learn the opinion of other customers. Data provided this week by Pure360 indicated that 76% of customers review the comments and opinions of other customers. It is part of your product research process; It is also the type of information that most influences your final decision.

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