The cool Photoshop hidden camera

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The cool Photoshop hidden camera

Every day it costs more to surprise users, get their attention and stay in their minds. The stream of daily information received by all the media, social networks and even the Buy Israel Consumer People Phone List street inhibits the capacity for astonishment of people in general. Therefore, creativity manifests, surprises and motivates. Genius attracts and no one who has lived it, like the co-stars of the story Photoshop , will forget it.

To show some of what Photoshop can do, an entertaining and surprising experiment was conducted in Sweden, commissioned by AdobeNordic. The agency installed a specially equipped van, in front of a bus stop that was also intervened. The artist Erik Johansson , renowned photographer and designer, expert in retouching images, was in charge of testing Photoshop tools “live”, with people waiting at the bus stop.

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The idea was to photograph and modify, while surprising passersby. Using the tools, the artist was altering situations of what was called “The Creative Day.” Passengers of all ages were the focus of the experiment and no one was indifferent to the results. Considering that there are a number of alternative tools similar to that of the company and even some free ones like Gimp , for example, which, although not as complete as the traditional one, is quite useful, at least for those who start in the world of design and retouching, Photoshop has been forced to generate publicity to retain its audience and surprise new generations.

And in fact it has succeeded, judging by the Phone Number List visits to the video that almost reached 6 million, two days after being uploaded to YouTube. Without a doubt, humor, creativity and surprise have been fundamental factors to make this video something viral. And what do you think of this experience?

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