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The hipster grandmother revolutionizes the networks

Advertising with older adults as protagonists, has a background that goes beyond the anecdotal Not long ago, a friend told me why the increase in the sale of tablets for older people in various parts of the world. According to him, the crux of the matter lies in the touch screen, which avoids, an adult far from technology, having to mentally go through the Israel Phone Number List comprehension process that requires clicking the mouse, directing it and searching for information. And it is not that the elderly cannot do it, but at times they do not have the patience to deal with systems that did not accompany them in their youth.

And my friend’s theory is supported, at least in an commercial Entel in which a woman of mature age asks her daughter how to say that she likes something on Facebook, receiving an answer that changes the world “click the hand” . The expression on the face says it all. The environment changes, even that of the family and the slogan of “cyber independence” is fulfilled.

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On the other hand, its main competition, Movistar, presented a character who has revolutionized the networks: the hipster grandmother . The commercial is dedicated to Father’s Day , but the grandmother “steals the movie”, because the campaign places her in search of the best gifts, mixing her own world and her interests with what is happening on the Internet today. Thus, “Norita” has a blog where she publishes her parties (like Harlem shake), her photos (with former artists), her trends and “fashion” recommendations. As the lady is a sympathy, two days after uploading the video to YouTube, it already has more than 38,000 visits and is becoming the sensation of the network.

The interesting thing about these two proposals goes beyond the campaigns themselves and, of course, competition and has to do with the Phone Number List orientation of the advertising of technological products to the elderly, an idea that should be a priority in education for a growing population in the region. Improving the quality of life, connecting this age group with the tools that help them do so, is invaluable.

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