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The best wordpress plugins to optimize the cache

To get the most out of a web page, it is essential to optimize all the technical aspects of it, and the cache is one of those fundamental sections that well optimized will make your website perform better. In WordPress there are several plugins for this purpose, and in this article I will talk about the best wordpress plugins to optimize the cache.
What is the cache?

Before talking about the Croatia Mobile Database best wordpress plugins to optimize the cache, you have to know what we are talking about. The cache memory stores the data and instructions of a device, or browser, in this case we refer to the cache memory of a website, so we are talking about the data that is stored in the browser.

However, when relevant changes are made to a website, it is interesting to empty the cache of the website, because otherwise the server will be able to offer the old content to users. In all the wordpress plugins to optimize the cache that I indicate below, it can be configured so that each time a post or a new page is written, the cache is cleared.
Why do I have to optimize the cache?

Having the cache of your web page optimized will make it load faster before users, and we know how important it is that a web is fast, for search engines and for us, I have already spoken in many posts about this trick to improve the SEO . When a user enters a website, the hosting has to create the page using the PHP files and going to the database, if your page is small, no problem, but if you expect to receive several users per day, the hosting will create the page slower and slower, as loading a page from 0 is tricky. What the cache does is remember that page, saving copies . Next I will talk about the best wordpress plugins to optimize the cache.
4 wordpress plugins to optimize the cache
WP Fastest Cache para WordPress

It is the one I use the most, and for me the most efficient and easy to understand . Within its configuration it is important to note that it allows us to minify and combine HTML, JS and CSS files. On the other hand, it allows us to implement a CDN service by simply putting a code, it is also possible to adjust the time to clear the cache for specific pages. The best wordpress plugins to optimize the wp fastes cacheCroatia Mobile Database

I personally use this plugin with the previous one to get the most out of the computer’s cache. Like the first plugin, it allows optimizing the HTML code, the javascript code and the CSS code. In addition, this plugin to optimize the wordpress cache allows you to cache all the optimized code , yes, it is only possible to save the cache on disk.
WP Rocket para WordPress

It is considered one of the best wordpress plugins to optimize the cache , although two disadvantages must be highlighted. On the one hand it does not have a free version, the previous 2 do, and on the other hand it only supports page cache, indicating that it includes a good CDN implementation system, and like the previous ones, it minifies and combines HTML, JS and CSS. It also includes a system for cleaning your WordPress database and a fairly fast and effective technical support.
W3 Total Caché for WordPress

When we talk about W3 Total Caché, we talk about one of the most popular wordpress plugins to optimize the cache. It is not just a plugin, but a complete cache suite for wordpress . On the one hand, it offers page cache, object cache, database cache, fragment cache, and OPCaché control.

It is a plugin oriented to large websites , with a lot of traffic or heavy, since it is a very advanced cache system and complicated to configure, although it is very adaptable. It has a free and paid version and is the only compatible wordpress cache plugin to store cache in RAM using Memcached. The best wordpress plugins to optimize the wp total cache
Does my WordPress need a plugin to optimize the cache?

When a website has a minimum size and visits it is important that the hosting does not wear out to always offer the best performance . If you have a small blog, it will not be necessary for you to have a cache plugin configured to 100% to increase the speed of the site, but it is still recommended.

As I always say, loading speed is one of the Brother Cell Phone List most important factors of a web page self-respecting , that is why a good optimization is important, since whatever the size of your web, I am sure that you will always want to offer the better experience to your followers. I trust you find this list of the best wordpress plugins to optimize the cache interesting.

I would also like to point out that many hosting companies already include tools to optimize the cache, even in those cases it is recommended to use a plugin to optimize the cache in WordPress. Of course, do not think that the more you have the better, on the contrary, since it is possible that functions can be confused and your web page will load, a problem that will be solved by deleting one of the plugins.

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