The 10 best wordpress plugins to optimize images

Images are an essential component of any web page for a number of reasons. On the one hand, they make the web more attractive and less monotonous , it helps to satisfy the user. On the other hand it also helps the positioning of it. As I have spoken on many occasions, Google and the Cyprus Mobile Database rest of the search engines positively value filling in the Alt tag. Finally, indicate that it is important to have optimized images to reduce loading time . For these reasons I am going to indicate you 10 wordpress plugins to optimize images that I have discovered working as an SEO consultant .
Wordpress plugins to optimize images, image resizing.

I start my list of wordpress plugins to optimize images with, without a doubt, the most famous and downloaded plugin. Its popularity stems from the fact that it reduces the size, and therefore the weight, of images automatically. Once you install it you will have to activate it to optimize the images that are already hosted on your server. But from then on, every image you upload will be optimized. In the following image you can see the desktop of this plugin. We see how I have saved practically a mega in my capacity. wordpress plugins to optimize images smush it
EWWW Image Optimizer

Like the first, it reduces the size and weight of the images. It is less popular than the previous one but it works fine. Another interesting point of this plugin to optimize images in WordPress is that you can change the file format of the images .
CW Omage OptimizerCyprus Mobile Database

Another plugin that meets the same objectives as the previous 2, reduce the number of bytes of the images without losing quality . It uses the same API as the first one, only that in this case they are dealt with directly in our WordPress, not in Yahoo!
Lazy Load

Very interesting plugin, it is complementary to the previous 3. The problem that many websites have is that having many images, the loading of these slows down the web. With this you will ensure that the images are only loaded when the user reaches them by scrolling. In this way the initial load of the web will be shorter.

This plugin modifies the size of the images depending on the device that the user uses . There are many websites that do not have the images of the banners, for example, used for devices. As the device does not have to modify the size of the image, but is already standard, the loading time will be much less.
Force Regenerate Thumnails

Plugin is indicated for when you go to change wordpress template. Not all templates have the same preset size, and many times that upsets our plans. Luckily, thanks to this plugin you will be able to make these modifications with a single step and in a very simple way.

This plugin is similar to the first 3, it resizes the images . In this case, it will transform the images to the largest size that your wordpress theme supports. The reason for this move is that this way you make sure that you can use all the images.
short pixel

To close my list of wordpress plugins to optimize images I will talk about this plugin. It is quite well known, especially its Premium part, although its free version allows optimizing 100 images per month. Many people are raving about the ability of this plugin to reduce the size and optimize images . In the following image we can see the main dashboard of this plugin. wordpress plugins to optimize shortpixel images
Wordpress plugins to optimize images, ALT tag

As I have already commented in several articles, and in this one, filling in the ALT tag is essential in images . It is a good place to add the keyword that interests us, and Google will see that we have the entire site optimized . The ALT tag is intended for computers for people with low vision . Computers that read the content of a site, both its text and its images. Next I will indicate some plugins to optimize the ALT tag in wordpress.
PB SEO Friendly Images

This plugin automatically fills in all the text in the images . It is valid for both the new photos you upload and the ones you already have stored. The flaw it has is that if you don’t have optimized image titles, they will still not be. Because what this plugin does is duplicate the title in the ALT tag.
Automatic Image ALT attributes

Like the previous plugin to optimize images in WordPress, it collects the information from the title of the same. Although like the previous plugin, if the title is not optimized the image will not be as good for the positioning of the web. The advantage of this plugin is that you can optimize all the images on the web at the same time .
Should I use an image optimization plugin for wordpress?

From my point of view it is not necessary , especially the Brother Cell Phone List plugins for the ALT tag. This process does not take too long to do by hand, and you will save yourself a plugin that will slow down the loading time. On the other hand, the plugins to resize the images if they are more necessary. Although in my case I usually use Photoshop first

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