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The best form plugins for WordPress

If there is something that never fails in any web page it is a contact form , a more relevant decision than it may seem. Thanks to them we can get information easy and fast from our most interested users, therefore it is important that the user experience and usability of the page is correct. In this article I will indicate the best form plugins for WordPress, always from my clear point of view.

In wordpress there are currently a large number of plugins Costa-Rica Mobile Database for this purpose, with Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms being the most popular , but there are many more alternatives . Well, it’s time to start listing WordPress form plugins.
5 Form Plugins for WordPress
Caldera Forms

Although it is little known, for me it is one of the most effective plugins, and it is the one I usually use . On the one hand, it offers an interface easy- to-use and a wide variety of fields . On the other hand, it saves a backup copy of all the forms that are sent and if you wish, it re-sends it to a page to measure conversions. It is a free plugin that offers a wide variety of options, I always recommend it. It comes with cells and dynamic and calculation fields, which can help us to carry out budgets for example. It also includes 7 very useful basic examples, so you don’t waste a lot of time in this section.

In the following image you can see the work table of this form plugin for WordPress. As you can see, at the top we have several tabs. So it is very easy to organize well and find everything we need, both for designing and for managing emails. form plugins for wordpress boiler forms
Contact Form 7

It is the plugin most used , since it is the one that comes standard with most WordPress templates. It is a very simple plugin to configure . It is characterized by its flexibility and that you can add a large amount of information, all by hand. A big problem you have is that after submitting a form, it does not redirect to any page, you need another plugin to be able to do that process and measure conversions in that way.
Gravity FormsCosta-Rica Mobile Database

Gravity Forms allows you to create a large number of forms, as well as allowing the creation of very simple applications through its modules. It has Paypal or Stripe payment gateways and can also be integrated with external platforms such as Mailchimp.

This plugin allows the use of conditionals and triggers , which will add dynamism to the forms. Its disadvantage is that it is a paid plugin, although it is cheap. I sincerely believe that it is a price worth paying, for its wide variety of options and for including 2 systems to stop spam.
Ninja Shapes for WordPress

It is another well-known plugin. The way to make the forms in this case is through drag and drop , that is, select the elements that we want to include and deposit them in the part that we want to show. Its paid version is as powerful as Gravity Forms, and you can get great performance from it through external plugins.
WordPress Form Maker

It is the forms plugin developed by WordPress. It allows to create adaptable forms with dynamic fields , and has implementation with Paypal. The free version is very basic, and it’s really only useful with different free plugins, that’s why I don’t usually recommend it.
Which WordPress form plugin do I choose?

There are many more form Brother Cell Phone List plugins for wordpress, I only tell you about the ones I have used and tested , both the free and paid versions. In general, I recommend all but the last one, since it is the least complete, the first being the one I use the most and the one I put on all the websites I create, including mine.

I trust that this article has seemed interesting to you, and has been able to help you to select the plugin to use in WordPress that you need. If you have used other form plugins for wordpress and want to leave your opinion, we wait for it here.

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