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Whether it’s writing articles, videos, photos, photo albums and many more. The marketer must know the target audience of the brand. And the channels that customers use online so that our content. Can create brand awareness and most accessible If a brand chooses. The wrong channel and produces content that does not meet the target audience. It will cause those content to receive. Performance that does not meet the target. This will affect sales as well. The Martech tool will help to tell the insights (Insight) of the target group. for effective content marketing planning. Google Analytics¬† into key website metrics. And show results on the dashboard page. The advantage of this tool is that it has a system that. Uses AI to analyze data at an in-depth level.

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Suitable for businesses that want to analyze customer behavior on the website, improve conversion rates, improve user experience on the website and content creation. Google Search Console A tool that helps our website appear on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) page so that people searching for Facebook Twitter Line Doing Business Guangdong Phone Number Successfully in the Digital Age is learning new things that happen around you both in terms of consumption trends Marketing Tools to penetrate a wider target group Combining sales strategies and digital marketing that fit the brand. including learning what went wrong to sharpen the business plan Ifproducts But lacking a way to reach customers in the online world It may cause E-Commerce businesses to miss the opportunity to reach their goals effectively. and may cause competitors to overtake easily.

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Therefore, STEPS Academy has compiled interesting statistics in doing E-Commerce business for all marketers and entrepreneurs and interesting trends for the year 2022 so that everyone I have applied this guideline to the brand and point out the way to List Provider generate ideas to meet the needs of today’s consumers. In 2022, data from emarketer website predicts that e-commerce businesses will generate an additional 21% increase in global sales and will continue to grow in the future.

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