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Photo from Global E-Commerce Trends That Marketers Shouldn’t Miss What new trends will emerge? Or will there be any interesting technology that business brands around the world pay attention to? and applied to some world-class trade, let’s see. 1. Respond and prepare for unexpected events to recover back to normal conditions faster. Due to the impact of Covid-19, the global economy has come to a major halt, causing supply chains or supply chains to be destroyed. Therefore, this damage has become a driving force for brands and companies to focus on.

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The flexibility of the supply chain and its response to changes. so that the business can recover and continue It is also an opportunity to prevent severe future damage to the supply chain. which marketers must consider in order for businesses to adapt and return to normal condition quickly, that is Globalization: from a business perspective Find Your Phone Number Must consider the importance of the economic system, communication, technology used in doing business online. for investment in products and services Low-Cost Supply: Consider low-cost supply. Minimum Inventory: Maintain investment with minimum inventory. to save storage costs An example of a graph illustrating a strategy for making supply chains more flexible. photo from kearney Businessmen also said the economy won’t be able to return to normalcy until 2023 or even longer.

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Therefore entrepreneurs and marketers should consider the flexibility of their marketing strategies. By creating a flexible supply chain to accommodate the impact that will occur. in order to cause the least damage to the business 2. Mobile Shopping and Social List Provider Commerce Statistics from Statista M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) may sound unfamiliar to Thai people. But in fact, online shopping via smartphones has become something that consumers in over the past few years.This year, new technologies and the use of 5G will make it easier, faster and more accessible for people to make purchases on their mobile screens, Shopify said. 71% of online shopping or social shopping comes from mobile purchases.

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