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Image from Shopify In addition, Shopify predicts that in the next three years, or by 2025, mobile shopping and social commerce will grow three times by marketing through the Facebook Messenger app and creating creative content through Facebook. TikTok and Instagram 3. Trend: Buy Now, Pay Later Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) may not be a new strategy on the market. But interestingly, this marketing trend is hitting the Global E-Commerce market in 2022. Last year, the Swedish brand Klarna entered the online shopping market using its BNPL strategy. It was found that the brand generated revenue in the first quarter of 2021 as high as 18.9 billion US dollars. and a 125% increase in application downloads.

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An example of Klana’s landing page explaining how to make a buy now, pay later, free of charge purchase. Australian consumers also have BNPL accounts, with 70% of consumers under 45 being younger. Germany has consumers who like to Exit Phone Numbers buy first. pay later the most  rate of 30% of all trades. and is likely to increase by another 33% in 2024. 4. Metaverse and Interactive Shopping Metaverse is a digital space that simulates. which blends with Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) and a combination of The real world and the virtual world (Augmented Reality) by Metaverse is like a three-dimensional Internet connection.

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That may be more than 3D glasses used to view normal virtual reality. But it will be a new way to explore the digital world. where users can create an avatar identity to do activities in the virtual world as well Metaverse trend has been delivering new List Provider experiences to local and international consumers since 2021. Brands that are doing well in virtual reality are Gucci and Nike showing their fashion shows on Roblox, with Nike showing their necks. NFT collection with Bore Ape Yacht and create a character avatar in the virtual world on the app to build Brand Awareness.

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