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Long-Tail Keywords for a Long-Tail Keyword , a group of words, or a phrase of two or more words. That is specific to brands, products and services. Campaigns or anything related to content and search volume or Search Volume is relatively lower than short keywords but has relatively high CTR reflecting the tendency to convert. easier Avg. Search Volume and CTR Compare Avg. Search Volume, or Avg. Monthly Search Volume, along with CTR to analyze the most effective keywords for selecting focus. 5. More Short form Video Content gives importance to  in the form of short videos.

The guidelines for short content

During the past 2021, we can see that the trend of content in the form of short videos. continues to gain more and more popularity This trend started from a hot platform like Tiktok, whose monthly active users (Monthly Active Users) soared in Henan Phone Number early 2021 at 689 million per month, followed by Instagram, which released content. Followed by Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, all of which reflect the success of short video content. video content are as follows. Collab with Influencer : Creating content using Influencer will allow you to reach the audience of that Influencer and will receive both new ideas and creativity according to the style of each Influencer. How-to : Contents telling steps or methods It’s another idea that brands can use as well.

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 It creates trust products

Along with being content that can summarize the content by dividing the issues briefly To be able to understand how to do things easily in just a few seconds. Educational: a form of concise, concise, to the point, and to the point information. Making List Provider content that focuses on knowledge will increase brand awareness and confidence in the target group in the use ofand services and increases confidence in the brand. Content example 6. Use more Data Utilize data from Martech tools. Content that brands use to communicate with their target audience There are many variations.

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