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Sistrix SEO module

In the world of digital marketing there are a large number of tools, many of them are recommended, but there are some that are mandatory if we want to obtain the best result. From my point of view the Sistrix SEO module is the best tool in its field.
What is Sistrix?

Sistrix is ​​a digital marketing tool composed of several modules (Seo, Sem, Social Networks and links) that offers us extensive information on any page. The most important point of Sistrix is ​​its visibility index, incorporated in the Sistrix SEO module.

There are many advantages that this Benin Mobile Database tool gives us, on the one hand, we will not only see all the information related to our page, but we can also do a study of the keywords we want or of the competition. In addition, it is very useful to know if Google has made an update to its algorithm.

When it comes to getting a disadvantage, I would have to indicate that if you work on Local SEO you will not see great results in these indexes. Local SEO typically has much less traffic than generic terms, and Sistrix doesn’t take them into account.
What is the Sistrix Visibility Index?

The Visibility Sistrix Index measures the visibility of a web page on Google. The higher this index, the more traffic that website will attract. The values ​​depend a lot on the size of the web. For example, a small web page, like mine, will have a score of around 0.001, while Wikipedia has a number higher than 100. What I mean by this is that you should not worry about having a low index.
How is the Sistrix Visibility Index calculated?Benin Mobile Database

To calculate this value Sistrix takes into account 3 factors:

Positioning of keywords : Sistrix indicate the positions in which your website is located at Google. It will show all the positions equal to and less than 100 and all the variants, that is, “SEO expert in Gijón” and “SEO expert Gijón”.
Search volume : you can be located in the first position but that keyword hardly brings you traffic, since it is a very long tail term for example. The more traffic a kewyord can bring, the higher its weight will be
Probabilidad de Clic: se han hecho muchos estudios en este aspecto. No es lo mismo aparecer en primera posición para un término que para otro. Un gran ejemplo se puede ver con la búsqueda de “hotel Madrid” y es que en este caso la probabilidad de hacer clic en el primer resultado es “solo” del 25%.

En la imagen que muestro a continuación se puede observar la evolución de mi dominio. Parece que hay muchas subidas y bajadas, pero estamos hablando de milésimas, por lo que se puede observar una gran estabilidad.
sistrix visibility indexWhat else can we find in the Sistrix SEO module?

In addition to the visibility index in the Sistrix SEO module, we will find 3 more blocks:

Keywords section: in this section we will see all the information related to the keywords of the web page. We will be able to see all the positioning, the changes in the ranking that we have suffered and ideas to include new keywords on the web.
Structure section: this block is related to the URLs of our website. It indicates the positioning of our URLs.
SERPs section: this block will show us all the information related to the competition. It will show us all the pages related to our sector, and it will compare us with them, both in terms of visibility and positioning. It will also show us all our (or those of the web that we want) SERps.

En las siguientes imágenes podemos ver Brother Cell Phone List cada una de estas secciones. En la imagen de palabras clave se observa como en medio año he aumentado notablemente el número de keywords posicionadas, gracias en parte a los artículos de mi blog.

sistrix bloque serps
Should I hire Sistrix?

From my point of view it is necessary to hire this tool, at least the SEO module. Since you will get a large amount of information about your company and about the competition.

I trust that you found this article about the Sistrix SEO module interesting and that you will give it a try. If you have any further questions about this tool or want to recommend the one you use, do not hesitate to tell me.

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