Facebook Advertising Policies Check out the main restrictions

It is the responsibility of the organization’s commercial and marketing team to follow the platform ‘s data policies . Community standards and terms of service . They apply to all content creators and admins of pages. Groups and events on facebook. Facebook itself makes it clear that it is up to the professionals who administer the respective pages to maintain compliance with all applicable laws. Statutes and regulations. In this context. Among the main policies for pages. Groups and events are: prohibited business practices clearly. The integrity and veracity of the information shared is mandatory. That is. Using deceptive business practices or false information is completely against facebook’s advertising policies. Data collect when collecting data. Content and information from users. It must be clear that who is doing this collection is your company through the page. But not facebook.

Knowing Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Also it is necessary to provide notice and obtain the user’s consent to use the content and information that it collects. Within this factor. There are two more important points: automatic data collection: it is prohibited to use harvesting bots. Robots. Spiders or scrapers – among other automated means – to collect user information and access facebook. Without having a written permission from facebook. Calls to action: you Morocco Phone Number List not use information obtained from a person’s interaction with the page’s call to action button for any purpose other than providing the service associated with that button. If you need to use this information for another purpose. You must make it clear and have the person’s explicit consent. Page name in facebook’s advertising policies . It is emphasized that page names must not include offensive language. Punctuation. Or excessively incorrect grammar.

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Prohibited business practices

Necessary informations your company’s facebook page needs to present all the necessary information to people using the social network in question. Including essential information to indicate the commercial nature of the content of your publications. The ad review process advertising on facebook is a common action taken by companies. It is at List Provider this stage that the facebook advertising policies. As we mentioned earlier. Must be respected. In this scenario. It is interesting to know how the process of analyzing an ad on facebook works. Therefore. We point out the main phases of this process. It usually takes place within 24 hours; all images. Text. Targeting and placement of the ad. As well as content on the ad’s landing page are meticulously verified.

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