Essential woo-commerce plugins

WordPress is one of the most used CMS worldwide, and how could it be otherwise, it also allows us the option of setting up an e-commerce, in a simple and intuitive way, simply by installing the plugin Woocommerce . But in this article what I want is for you to get the Cameroon Mobile Database most out of it, so I am going to recommend a series of plugins for woocommerce, which from my point of view are essential.
What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is the WordPress plugin designed to implement an e-commerce on your website. The plugin includes everything you need to start selling such as the cart page, account page, checkout page, settings to configure shipping costs and taxes, and the most widely used payment methods worldwide. In addition, it will allow you to upload unlimited products where you can put several images, as well as a short and a long description to ensure that your users end up buying.

As a curious fact, it should be noted that the plugin was created by the Woothemes company, and after its success it was bought by WordPress for 30 million euros. The plugin has been downloaded more than 30 million times since it was created in 2011, and it is increasingly common to see it, especially in stores with less than 100 products.
Advantages of Woocommerce compared to other CMS

Next, I share with you a series of reasons why you should make your online store with Woocommerce:

Ease of use: both for users and for store administrators. The purchase process is intuitive and simple , offering the best user experience at all times. On the other hand, the administration of the platform, managing orders, uploading new products, etc … is really simple and fast, so you don’t need to have technical knowledge.
Versatility: it is not only an online store, but thanks to a series of woocommerce plugins you can turn your page into one of restaurant or excursion reservations, ticket sales , subscription platform … everything is at your fingertips.
SEO positioning: WordPress is the CMS that best positions, and Woocommerce also benefits from this positioning. You can individually position each of the products in your store.
Responsive design: your store will be adapted at all times to all devices and screens, making the purchase process simple both on PC and mobile.
Payment methods: Woocommerce accepts all the payment methods you can imagine, from a virtual POS to Stripe or Paypal, through cash on delivery or bank transfer. So for the seller there will be no problem, and even less for the buyers!Cameroon Mobile Database

Essential Woocommerce Plugins

Although Woocommerce is already quite a complete plugin in itself, an online store can be greatly improved by installing a series of essential Woocommerce plugins. Let’s go there:

Booster for Woocommerce: with this plugin you can handle various prices and different exchange rates . It is designed for stores with international presence since it allows you to use different types of currencies, making the corresponding conversion, and mark different prices according to the user or by wholesale, for example.
Woocommerce PDF Invoices – One of the essential woocommerce plugins without a doubt. It allows you to make and send invoices and delivery notes for each order. Something that is mandatory in each purchase process but that does not include basic Woocommerce.
Woocmmerce Multilingual : with this plugin you can translate your store, purchase pages and products into the languages ​​you want.
Woocommerce customizer: we can modify the names, buttons and descriptions that come to us by default.
Woocommerce Bar cart menu: all woocommerce templates include the cart, but if your website was not going to be it at the beginning you will have a problem. With this plugin you can put the cart icon in your menu without any problem.
Woocommerce wishlist plugin – the famous wish list. With a simple click your users will be able to add products to their wish list to come back to buy them later.
Custom product tabs for Woocommerce: by default there are only two tabs to show additional information on each of our products, and sometimes it is not enough. Thanks to this plugin for woocommerce you will be able to add all the tabs that you see necessary . If you Brother Cell Phone List have a clothing store for example, you can use a tab for description, another for sizes, another to indicate the material used …
YITH Woocommerce Ajax Search – A simple, but really useful woocommerce plugin. It is the famous magnifying glass to search for products, thanks to the fact that it uses AJAX as you insert letters, products will appear on the screen.

Do I set up my online store with wordpress?

Without a doubt, today it is the best option, especially if you are going to have a small or medium-sized store. If you use the plugins for woocommerce that I have indicated in this article you will be able to create a very complete, intuitive and attractive web page for the user.

If you have any questions about setting up you

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