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Digital marketing is experiencing a significant boom , both at an academic and business level. Companies are realizing the importance of having a good presence in the online world, in addition to the large number of clients that can be achieved through this Colombia Mobile Database medium. All this leads to a growing demand for digital professionals by companies. Therefore, in this article I will share with you some digital marketing courses, both paid and free. I would like to indicate that I will only talk about the courses or schools that I know , and that I have been fortunate to know.
Masters de marketing digital

Currently, almost all universities offer postgraduate and master’s degrees in digital marketing, and in many cases the smoke that is sold is quite dangerous, so we better make sure first where we are going to train. In this case I am going to tell you about two very powerful schools, INESDI and IM -Internacional de Marketing, both known for the quality of their syllabus and their teachers.

INESDI : in this digital school I did my first higher study related to digital marketing, doing the master of digital marketing and social networks. Indicate that your masters are made up of two postgraduate degrees, so you can mix digital marketing with another postgraduate degree in social networks, seo and sem, web analytics or E-commerce. What I liked the most about this school is its form of evaluation and its very complete agenda. 80% of the final grade depends on a project, which in my case was the realization of a digital marketing plan for one company and the realization of a social media plan for another. In both cases, these projects were later applied by these companies.
IM – International Marketing : in this school I did a postgraduate degree related to web usability and user experience, in this case in online mode, not face-to-face. The syllabus was very complete and the evaluation system, although different from INESDI, seemed very interesting to me. Several tasks had to be done for each topic performed, thus applying the knowledge learned. On the other hand, the level and availability of the teachers and the tutor were very high, much higher than what I honestly expected. Thanks to this postgraduate course, I was encouraged to create the website that you are visiting right now and that changed my professional life .

Te garantizo que estudiando un master de marketing digital en cualquier de estas dos escuelas adquirirás una gran cantidad de conocimientos y saldrás con un buen puesto de trabajo. Además, ambas cuentan con buenas bolsas de empleo, algo muy importante cuando hablamos de cualquier escuela de posgrados.
Free Digital Marketing Courses

In some cases, there is not enough time or money to undertake an investment of these characteristics, but you should not worry. Next I am going to talk about a series of free digital marketing courses . As in the previous case, I am going to talk about those schools or pages with which I have had some experience.

Google Activate : a platform created by the great search engine, and that over the years adds new courses. I have to say that I have a special affection for him, since thanks to this platform I learned about digital marketing, and since then I have not let it escape. Although it is a basic level, in most cases, it is a great opportunity to take your first steps in the world of digital marketing or to learn enough for your company to start walking in the digital world.
Fundación Telefónica : although most of the courses of the Telefónica Foundation are more related to the technological world, such as Java, analytics or web pages, it also has a good free course on digital marketing. It is a course that lasts six weeks, and with which you will learn the basics of the main marketing techniques, as well as the different advertising strategies that currently exist.Colombia Mobile Database
IEBS : although it is a school that offers postgraduate and master’s degrees, as far as I know, of quality, with them I have only taken a few courses and attended several talks or webinars. My experience with them is quite positive, and I always recommend it. They have courses related to the digital world, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, marketing … and of all levels. That is, if you have a low level it will be very useful, and if you have a high level, it will be useful to further enhance your ability in the subject that interests you.

From my personal experience I recommend all the Brother Cell Phone List digital marketing masters and digital marketing courses that I have named in this article . With all of them I have learned important lessons, which today, I apply in my day to day.

I am sure that if you are reading this article, it is because, or you are looking for information about which master’s degree in digital marketing can relaunch your professional career, or what free digital marketing course can open your eyes. If you have studied in a different school than the ones I indicate, I would lov

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