The best security plugins for WordPress

Possibly one of the most problematic flaws of the CMS WordPress is its vulnerability . Yes, we compare it with PrestaShop or Magento, it starts at a clear disadvantage, but luckily there are several security plugins for WordPress that will make your website a safer place.

Security gaps in WordPress usually come from plugins and templates , either because they are out of date or poorly developed. That is why it is important update to constantly all aspects of the website , to prevent possible failures in it. A very interesting fact is that every day are 30,000 websites hacked made with WordPress , so it is necessary to be forewarned.
9 security plugins for WordPress
All In One WP Security & Firewall

plugin de seguridad All In One WP Security & FirewallIt is Cayman-Islands Mobile Database official plugin for the WordPress platform , and without a doubt one of the best security plugins for WordPress. All In One WP Security & Firewall is a very plugin stable and has a very simple configuration , anyone can configure it. Thanks to applying the latest practices and techniques of the WordPress community security experts, you can reduce the risk of your page being hacked. An important fact is that the speed of your site will not be affected by this plugin , so it will not affect the optimization of your website.

Here are some of the points where this plugin will improve your security level:

User security : it will detect basic user names and they will offer to change it to more secure ones, and you will also be able to generate new strong passwords. Users who try to access your admin panel with a strange IP will be blocked for a period of time. It will automatically log out of all devices after a specified time.
User approval security : a captcha or a Honeypot can be added when someone wants to register as users. It will also be possible to enable manual approval of user accounts.
Database security : backups can be scheduled automatically, and with a single click you can start the process.
File system security : prevent users from accessing certain files on your website, you will also be able to identify files or folders that have insecure permissions.
Firewall Security : allows you to activate the “6G Blacklist” rules, deny negative strings, 3 levels of configuration or protection against fake search engines or pingbacks.

The All In WP Security & Firewall is one of the best security plugins for WordPress, although it is not the best known by users.
Wordfence Security

security plugins for WordPress Wordfence Security

Wordfence is the most widely used WordPress security plugin in the world. It us allows to reinforce and improve the security of our website from various fronts to the web. This plugin is made up of 3 tools:

Antivirus : it compares the files of your wordpress with the original files of wordpress, and in case of finding differences, it solves it.
Firewall : block access to your website to both people and bots with bad intentions.
Cacheo : it also includes a caching system to speed up the loading speed of your website.

Wordfence is responsible for monitoring so your website constant and blocks the access to it by users who have negative behavior. I am not referring to people who do nothing on your website, who browse little, no, I am referring to users seeking to enter your back or access your database. This tool, triple tool as we saw before, is composed of several tasks, which I define below:Cayman-Islands Mobile Database

Scan : this tool studies the files of your blog in search of vulnerabilities, it would be the antivirus. There are 3 different types of scanners, choose the one that best suits you.
Real traffic : from this tab you will be able to observe the behavior of the users, in real time. Which will allow you to take measures to improve the security of the website.
Performance : with this option we can save a cache plugin. According to the developers, the speed of the site can be improved significantly, although I have to say that I have never used it. You can find an article about cache plugins on my blog.
IP blocking : the plugin can automatically block IPs that it considers dangerous for the security of your website. It will show you a list of them and information about them.

These 4 characteristics are those belonging to the Brother Cell Phone List free plugin model, which is usually enough to have a web page in good condition . As I mentioned before, it is the most popular plugin, so it is not difficult to find information about its configuration on the internet.
iThemes Security

iThemes Security

A complete solution to keep your WordPress protected. It us allows to make variations in the security parameters that will keep your website out of the reach of hackers and intruders. It offers more than 30 ways to protect your website, and since 2008 it has been protecting thousands of WordPress around the world.

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