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The one of Malin+Goetz It is a more conventional aspect. separating the blocks of the “grid” by means of the background color of the photographs. goetz newsletter design 4. Cut diagonally Diagonal lines have been a big trend in newsletter design for the past few years. They can be used to divide the blocks 50/50. But. also. using diagonal lines instead of horizontal ones. Moo Moo repeatedly uses diagonal lines in his emails. Also. they combine them with a really unique use of color. The diagonal lines create a sense of depth and movement. Combine this effect with two variations of the same color. get an original and elegant look. moo newsletter design 5. Go back to black and white

The use of color in email may be just as inspiring as the lack of it. Black and white never goes out of style. We have to admit it. Among all the colorful campaigns we receive. our eye stops to detect one with its absence. capturing our full attention. This is not to say that this approach works for all brands. but it can be a good strategy in content marketing. publications or regular shipments. Some e-commerce brands like Artsy The Review have adopted this option. Artsy artsy newsletter design Review revue newsletter design Creative use of color in email will never go out of style. You can design your campaigns and experiment with color in our editor in minutes.

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You don’t need to have HTML knowledge and Benin Phone Number emails will be adapted for mobile devices. Sign up and try it for free here. In this post. the company Vital Innova tells of its experience using the Acumbamail platform to manage the email marketing part of the organization of a recent event. Email has become one of the most used forms of communication. especially between companies and customers. To take advantage of this direct communication channel. we need a simple tool that provides us with what is necessary in terms of shipping capacity and design versatility. Our best ally is a platform of email marketing and we. among all those that we have tried. bet on Acumbamail. Since Vital Innova.

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online marketing agency and 360ยบ digital strategy. we want to tell you how Acumbamail was an essential tool in the organization of our last event: the second edition of Marketing & Wine Summit. This conference. which combines online marketing and wine. had very specific communication needs given the existence of various audiences (attendees. speakers. sponsors. collaborators). as well as the different types of communications linked to the stages that an event has by nature (invitation. registration confirmation. reminders. thanks). Email was the form of communication we chose for the event and we relied on Acumbamail for all the facilities and options that it offered us. Advantages offered by this tool Contact lists: allowed us to group each type of audience in a different list.

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This made it easier for us to create campaigns to send mass email. adapted to each recipient. In addition. these lists are stored on the platform and can be updated and used in subsequent campaigns. We already have the starting database that we will use for next year’s event ? Segmentation within lists: This micro-segmentation gives us great flexibility when it comes to sending emails. In the event of the event. it allowed us to send information to a specific audience based on the conditions we define (For example: people registered for the event from a particular date). email marketing events 1 Subscription forms: Through this functionality we integrated a form on the website. through which the subscription to the event was carried out. Being integrated with Acumbamail.

these subscribers were automatically saved in a predefined contact list. Email marketing events 2 The forms are fully customizable. since they allow you to select the fields to include. They are also responsive. automatically adapt to any device. You can also use the forms to attract subscribers to your newsletter from the website . For example. every time an attendee requested a ticket for the event. They would receive an email confirming the request and thanking them for their interest in attending the event.

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