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Buttons and container divider elements are of great help when giving your campaigns a great chromatic personality. In this post you can learn about some of these techniques for using color in email. Also the most striking examples of the brands that have put them into practice. Ready to get inspired? Keep reading. 1. Divide the color blocks 50/50 One of the most popular trends is divide the email into two blocks. Only one of them has a solid background color. Although it is a simple technique. it produces a very striking effect. Offscreen Dispatch The color combinations in the Offscreen Dispatch newsletter layout give your emails a magazine page look.

It is a simple design. which does not include any type of art or photography. Simply a dynamic layout. well-formatted text. and a good choice of color. It’s a great example of how good information organization and simple color techniques can elevate email design considerably. It is a very simple design that does not require changes in the code of our editor. Using a single column structure for the top half of the email. you can select the background color of the row and the background color of the content. For the lower part. the structure will be two columns and the background color will be white.

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offscreen newsletter design The New York Belize Phone Number Another campaign that uses a similar structure. with a 50% split. is that of The New York Times. This newsletter design emphasizes the top of the email. which immediately captures attention. In this specific case. it highlights the importance of choosing a color for the call-to-action button that works well on both black and white backgrounds. nyt newsletter design Care/of The vitamin pack company Care/of combines two different shades of blue for the background of the two different blocks of the email. careof newsletter design ClassPass This design of ClassPass goes one step further.

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integrating a photograph superimposed on both backgrounds of different colors in the newsletter design. classpass newsletter design 2. Replace gray elements with blue or purple If solid colors are not your thing. there are many more options to add color to your campaigns. Through the color of elements such as links. lines. and buttons. you can achieve a cohesive design. Wistia emails are a good example of this. Wistia In this case. the key is the elements in purple color. wistia newsletter design We can see the same shade of purple in plain texts. the video play button. the call-to-action button. horizontal lines and a pale purple background that creates a frame effect in the email.

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Although listing them seems like too many items in this color. the wide spaces and the “washed out” effect of the background color make the combination work. In the following example. they carry out the same process but this time with blue. trello newsletter design As you can see. the template used by Wistia It’s very simple. This helps to achieve the predominant presence of a single color without saturating the email. The Intercept This is an even more subtle example of an email with a pop of color. The Intercept use your trademark color for link text. This subtlety gives the email a more sophisticated “look”. Although it does not matter what color you choose for your links. it is good to remember the advice of John Thies.

CEO of Acid’s. about accessibility in email. Your recommendation is Always underline the links. otherwise they may go unnoticed by the visually impaired. intercept newsletter design 3. Keep the “grid” blocks separate A “grid” structure can be very useful to organize the information in an email. In the Acumbamail editor you can customize each block individually. so the limit is your imagination to achieve a perfect design. The Outline Emails from The Outline They use three colors: pink. purple and yellow (in addition to white). With this combination they achieve a recognizable editorial aspect that makes their campaigns unmistakable. newsletter outline design Malin+Goetz.

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