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The setting up an autoresponder campaign It’s very simple. you don’t have to be glued to your computer all day sending emails and going crazy among the subscriber lists. With this type of campaign. Acumbamail works for you email marketing events 4 Personalization in content: Through commands that allow including fields from the database. such as the name. This makes email much more personalized and. by placing the name. the recipient feels unique and the relationship becomes even closer. In the previous image. where we show the request confirmation email. is displayed. which when sent will replace the NAME field with the name of each recipient.

Acumbamail offers us a multitude of designs and customizable templates that we can adapt to the aesthetics of our company or event so that they are easily identifiable. We can also include links that are of interest to the recipient in a very visible way. In our case we include the link to download the ticket to the event. Real-time statistics: Thanks to them we could know the number of people who had opened the mail. those who clicked to download the entry. as well as the click map of our newsletters. In this way we had absolute control over the information sent. thus being able to send reminders to those who we knew had not opened the email or forgot to download the entry.

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Thanks to all the functionalities that this tool Bolivia Phone Number us. all our attendees. sponsors and wineries were aware of all the news of the event. Acumbamail news Acumbamail has proposed to make it much easier for all its users and since March we can enjoy a new editor. Below we will tell you all the advantages that these news have brought us. The emails are adapted to all types of devices because designs are 100% responsive. In this way. all our recipients could open the emails regardless of who their email manager was or the device they used. New customizable templates that perfectly adapt to the style of each company or each campaign. Thus. our campaigns for the Marketing.

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Wine Summit were designed in wine colors and following this theme. complying with our corporate image. The new editor presents greater number of sources with which we were able to personalize each email and give them a special touch according to what we wanted to highlight. In this way you can also choose the one that best suits your needs. The structure of the templates allows modifying each element. This functionality allowed us to create. in a very easy way. A unique design that was closely linked to the theme of the event. The inclusion of social networks In each email he got many people to start following us on networks and learn more about the event. thus increasing our online community.

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And all thanks to the ease of a single click. Include images and videos in campaigns it was key to attracting the attention of our recipients. In our case. we used this option by including the. Event image in the banner of each email so that it was identifiable. In addition. the event program was included in the emails as an image that linked to the website. Email marketing events 5 The email preview on different types of devices. He helped us see if the design was the most appropriate. So we were able to make changes and correct mistakes before the campaign. Was sent so that it had the greatest possible impact. Taking into account that today the mobile is the main source of traffic in the online world.

Acumbamail became our best ally for the Marketing & Wine Summit organization thanks to its ease of use and the customization options it offers.. In addition. the latest news that it incorporated in the month of March. Provide users with the best experience in creating email marketing campaigns and newsletters. This month our post of the month focuses on one of the key. Parts of any email marketing platform: the template editor. We wanted to offer our clients a much more powerful. More intuitive editor and allow you to fully customize your newsletters so that each campaign is unique. To learn how to use it. You can watch our webinar on how to take advantage of it and create effective newsletters. Our new editor is 100% Responsive. Compatible with more than 80 email managers.

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