6 tips to optimize your presence on Twitter

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6 tips to optimize your presence on Twitter

The strength that the micro-blogging network has taken suggests that we have to look for more ways to be present every day On more than one occasion we have discussed social networks individually, noting that, in addition to having specific users, they Buy Phone Number Database Malaysia also have different characteristics or personalities. For this reason, it is important that the approach to each one of them is unique, considering their audience and above all, their codes.

We all know that Facebook is the king (or queen) of social networks , but we are getting closer to Twitter. The micro-blogging network that generated so much suspicion due to the “few possibilities” implied by the 140 characters, in 2006, has had an unexpected growth – something you can see in the infographic below and that we published on another occasion in Merca20 – and the needs to maximize the benefit of this network in marketing and digital marketing have grown hand in hand. That is why we share with you some basic tips to optimize your presence on Twitter.

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If you start a tweet with the symbol, the message will be in the public domain, only for the person who follows you and who follows who you are mentioning. Now, if you want everyone to read what you wrote, you must add a preceding period to the at symbol. That is to say the following:. This will be seen in all lines of tweets.

Using hashtags is beneficial, as long as you do it in moderation. One and up to two per tweet are acceptable, more is spam. Cuando hables de un tema contingente, utiliza su cuenta para notificarlo. No hables de Juan Pérez, hazlo de juanperez. RT whenever it seems necessary or they ask you and you think it is a message that you should help spread, but do not abuse. People who have little to say dedicate themselves to doing RT.

Customize your profile. We have Phone Number List mentioned it many times: a profile without a photo, without a bio will always be suspicious. Tweet. You will say that it is obvious, but do not believe. There are voyeurs on Twitter, who only watch. If they also do not have a photo, we tend to think that they are either false accounts or people who “investigate” us. And with the case Snowden , everything looks suspicious to us.

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