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MetroMobile, new application to plan your tour of the city

Means of transportation grow with the city and technology, and the Santiago Metro is no exception. For this reason, in order to facilitate travel for users, the MetroMobile application has just been created and launched.

The Malaysia Phone Number List application allows you to access information on the status of the lines, receive alerts about problems, delays or changes that are registered at specific stations and at different times. In addition, it informs you about the services that are near each station. Along with the above, you can also check the balance of your Bip card, know the updated value of the ticket and access the total map of the network.

Malaysia Phone Number List

The application is only available for Android, at the moment. You can find it in Google Play stores and you can download it for free. It should be noted that, in the Phone Number List application launch, it was stated that it will soon be available for iOS systems (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone) To use it, you must download and access the application. Then follow the instructions in the video. Too easy.

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