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Do you want to pedal the Tour de France from your sofa?

Let’s face it, Google is ahead of everything. Now, on the occasion of the 2013 Tour de France, he created the application Your Tour , which allows you to “run” from your sofa, using Google Street View and Google Maps . You want to know more? Keep reading. Mexico Phone Number List Celebrating 100 years of the most important cycling event in the world, the Tour de France, Google could not be left behind. It was not enough just with the interactive Doodle , but it projected the way that the “armchair athletes” could also participate.

gooletour The idea is that from home you can take the same route as cyclists. You also go in stages and start in the Pyrenees. Of course, you are more “behind” than athletes because the stage is only accessed once it has finished in the real world. How do you pedal? With the mouse. As you progress, windows appear with information to keep you in the race. You have access to a map and the real images of the Tour. Along with it, you can see your messages on Google + (while pedaling)

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There is also a channel YouTube and an application for Android systems, where you can access updated data on what is happening at all times. In other words, you have all the opportunities to follow or “participate” in this great race that today is already undergoing its 14th stage. Another move by Google to keep users interested, entertained and expectant. The Phone Number List coverage of the Global Cycling Network is one of many examples of the interest generated by the activity.

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