The one metric that matters abbreviation omtm is the only metric you focus on in your daily life as a growth hacker. Each daily task must contribute to the growth of this metric. Hence the name “one metric that matters”. The omtm is chosen as the metric on which a company expects to have . The most impact on its growth in the next 2 to 6 months. The concept of omtm was coined in 2013 by alistair croll in his book lean analytics . He’s worked with many startups and noticed that founders and cmos are quickly distracted by ” vanity metrics” or other metrics that only distract you from your growth. Examples of omtms by business size there are thousands of examples of relevant omtms. They can be quite general or very specific .

What is One Metric That Matters

The rule being that as a large company. You have to work on increasingly precise metrics. Here are some examples of one metric that matters by business size. Examples of for small businesses as a small business. You are still very small Netherlands Mobile Number List and need to focus on getting your first traction first. That’s why you want to choose an omtm like one of the following: number of website visitors per month average percentage of clicks from landing page to checkout retention of new customers after 7 days 2. Examples of omtms for medium-sized companies (50 – 200 employees) medium-sized businesses should already have some success and should therefore focus more on specific segments within their audience.

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Examples of OMTMs by business size

So consider one of these examples from one metric that matters .Number of visitors per month to the website from seo or blog conversion percentage of website visitors from france retention of new freemium customers after 7 days 3. Examples of omtms for large companies for a large company. It is important to focus on the details of your funnel . Such as emphasizing the wow moment or focusing on more specific stages of the funnel. That’s why you want to choose an omtm like one of the following: number of website visitors month via seo around a specific theme average ctr on the “add to cart” button on the “pricing” or “products” page retention of new customers who experienced.

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