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Have a start and end time, just like you would in an office? Plan breaks, possibly with others. The best breaks are the mirror image of your work. So if you work alone, behind a screen, indoors, go outside with others and avoid screens. Ritual Germany WhatsApp Number List Segmentation. Mark the start and end of a working day.

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Pushing away a plate after breakfast and opening your laptop, if it wasn’t already open next to you, can give you a cluttered feeling. Tidy up, set up your workplace, view your agenda for that day and the tasks you want to do, and get started. The same applies to the end of your working day. If you close the laptop after the last call and walk into the kitchen, chances are that your head is still on work.

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Round off the day. See if you did what you wanted to do. Is there anything open? Make a decision about that. If you find the idea of ​​the segmentations interesting, then CPG Gray’s video about spaces is a must. He compares working in corona time with a solitary flight of ‘Lockdown Productivity Spaceship You’.

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