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It is easy to read, because of the accessible language, but also because of the clarifying examples. Even if not every metaphor works equally well (such as fish as a symbol for unspoken opinions, which sometimes stink but can also Vietnam WhatsApp Number List become sharks) it is clear what is meant by it. Although leaders are regularly address in the book.

With Locals, it is actually

But also for freelancers who stay too much in their comfort zone and want to know how to get the best out of themselves. It can even be us as a kind of handbook for a ‘better’, more varied, and more meaningful life. Curious about this ‘eye-opening’ workbook? ‘Feedforward in leadership’ by Muriel Schrikkema and Marco Schreurs can easily order online via (affiliate).

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Vietnam WhatsApp Number List

Knowing more With Locals

The catering industry is therefore increasingly becoming a ‘neighborhood function. Where birthdays celebrat the laptop is open or after a long time, it is time to catch up. Good storytelling plays a crucial role in this because that is how you distinguish yourself.

The Accessible Language

You will also immediately notice a few elements that inspire trusts, such as the Tripadvisor logo and various positive reviews. Hotel ten Cate Attention to the environment It is also highly recommended to devote a page to the environment in which Egypt WhatsApp Number List your hotel is located. This keeps interested visitors on your website longer. They don’t just come your way to stay in their room for days.

In addition Accessible Language

It ensures findability. In addition, invest time and energy in attractive social media posts, result-oriented online campaigns, effective newsletters and collaborations with media, and important, relevant people who are in contact with your target group(s). If necessary, provide professional support, because it’s not really something. You let one of your employees do it for a while.

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Egypt WhatsApp Number List

After all Accessible Language

you can only spend the money you have reserved for this once. Also read: Staying visible with your catering company right now: 11 online marketing tips 2. Connecting with the locals As a catering company, it should really be your goal this year to build a community and create a bond with your neighbors, because life will mainly revolve around the home in the coming time.

Other Focus Points

Especially now. But how do you smartly respond to all the shifts and changes that will take place in the near future with your company in the hospitality industry? How do you stay top of mind? Get started with these 5 focus points and that one ‘ideal’ guest is guaranteed to choose you. Spontaneously looking for a place to eat or drink will Ghana WhatsApp Number List not really do it for the foreseeable future.

So you’re potential Focus Points

The internet and choose a location that they think is worth their money and time, based on what they see there. And so you will have to rely mainly on your online presence for the time being. Too often we see entrepreneurs who spend an incredible amount of money on a beautiful place and interior, but hardly anything is reserved for online visibility and the collection of data.

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Ghana WhatsApp Number List

Focus Points guests scour

While that way you can ensure that your business is full. So don’t underestimate the complexity of a rock-solid website. A good example is a website for Hotel ten Cate in Emmen. Already on the homepage, you get an idea of ​​what the room you might book might look like.

Read Because Of

Do not be afraid that the authors want to cover everything with the mantle of love. Difficult issues such as ‘dealing with an underperforming employee are also address. Also recognizing that in some cases it is simply time to say goodbye to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List each other. But not after everything has been done to get everyone on board.

Because Of and action

An ideal workbook for leaders and everyone else Feedforward in Leadership (affiliate) forces you to take a really critical look at yourself and your organization. That can be confronting. But you always know that it is for a good cause: a better and better collaborating organization, which realizes goals with even more success.

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Venezuela WhatsApp Number List

The questionnaires in the book encourage you to always write down for yourself how you perform on the various components. This makes the need to implement changes tangible. The book contains quite a bit of repetition, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage.

It Is Easy To

what the values ​​of the organization are. And also that they know how to apply these from the perspective of their role. In this way, they feel much better about what their own value is within the organization. Goals, commitment, and action USA WhatsApp Number List In addition to establishing and elaborating the common goals, Schrikkema and Schreurs identify 2 other necessary ingredients for team success.

Easy To commitment

Commitment revolves around the way in which you ‘get’ yourself and team members in achieving the goals. The aforementioned freedom to express dissenting opinions and the trust and security you have to feel play important roles here. The action concerns the actual implementation of all the great plans. So no words, but deeds.

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USA WhatsApp Number List

Fortunately Easy To

Schrikkema and Schreurs are actually putting their money where their mouth is by offering concrete tools to get started with all valuable ideas. How often should you apply feedforward or evaluations? Which questions or comments are best used? You also read why you should delete the word ‘but’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘and’.

Useful To That

But often things go wrong at level 1. Remarkably many employees and even leaders do not really know what the vision and core values ​​of the organization are. For example, because they are formulated too vaguely, the application of the Uruguay WhatsApp Number List values ​​in practice has not been properly thought out, or they do not sufficiently match individual goals and needs.

For the teams To That

When employees work from the values ​​of the organization, they not only feel work but also organizational enthusiasm. This is not just nice to have, but makes a world of difference, as the passage below makes clear: Within organizations that have clearly formulated and communicated how they create value from the various roles.

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Uruguay WhatsApp Number List

To That into the goals

Percent say they motivate versus 31 percent within other organizations. 65 percent say they are passionate about their work, versus 32 percent in another organization. These organizations see many benefits: more than 90 percent of them show growth and profit rates that are above average in their industry. In short, it is very important for the happiness of the employees that they know.

Recap Is Often

This is by no means a good booster since a stress hormone gives people less energy. While a person who receives compliments and is approached positively actually gets (much) more energy. To be trusted by your employees, you have to do what your Ukraine WhatsApp Number List prescribe yourself. If you want your team members to show courage with new ideas and not be afraid to make mistakes show that you are willing.

To do Is Often

This is not a sign of weakness, but rather a stimulating incentive for the team. It shows that you really want to go in the same direction together, as one organization. That everyone is willing to go for it openly and fully. Just to achieve common goals. Goals on 3 levels: who feels the vision?

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Ukraine WhatsApp Number List

Is Often this yourself

Those common goals sometimes fail. Schrikkema and Schreurs use 3 levels of goals for an organization: Organizational Level Goals Goals at the department and team level Goals at the project and activity level The problem mainly lies in translating the goals at the organizational level – which are related to the vision, mission and core values ​​of the organization.

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It is important that you (as a team) step out of your ‘echo room’ and really seek out dissenting opinions and sincerely listen to them. To really engage in the thought experiment, what the process or result would look like if you went that UK WhatsApp Number List another way. It is the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. You should try to stimulate both the team and the individual to look at things differently.

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And also to literally do things differently. The leader must also offer that space to experiment. To evaluate openly and constructively after such an experiment to what extent this was a real success and why. Dare to make mistakes: set a good example! It is easy to say that there is a need to reflect.

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UK WhatsApp Number List

But for this A Short

There has to be an open culture. A culture in which everyone is willing to look at themselves and each other. And where everyone feels safe and trusts the people around him or her, including the leader, enough. If this trust isn’t there, the employee is more likely to go into their shell and stay and let fear rule their actions.

Book In Stages

How do you approach things and how do you come across to your employees? Practice – after applying feedforward, largely by assigning properties shows that many leaders score worse in their team on important points than Uganda WhatsApp Number List thought. For example, many employees generally do not feel that anything is really. In their opinion, that dialogue is really being enter into with them.

 In Stages really talk

Which in turn means that they are less likely to express their (dissenting) opinion. As a result, potentially valuable ideas are not explored and at the same time, the frustration of the employee in question increases.

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Uganda WhatsApp Number List

Reflection in water In Stages

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset Being allows expressing. That dissenting opinion is not only sympathetic and pleasantly inclusive. It is very important to be able to really move forward. You won’t get there with pumpjacks and the mentality ‘it’s the way we’ve been doing it for years.

Especially Not If

The aim is precisely to use this analysis to create the conditions to move forward as well and constructively as possible as a team and UAE WhatsApp Number List organization. Here are some reasons why you cannot reach your full potential as an organization: ‘It’s okay, we’ve been doing it like this for years’ ‘Work-enthusiastic but less organization-enthusiastic.

People don’t Not If

The last two are especially common. Changing this is essential for a stimulating, forward-looking, well-cooperative, and, ultimately, successful High-Performance Organization (HPO). Although it may be difficult to immediately indicate ‘high over what may not be going optimally, it is certainly valuable to think about this at an early stage.

UAE WhatsApp Number List
UAE WhatsApp Number List

Not If to each other

So that you can immediately tackle structural, say, sub-optimal issues. In a positive way, of course. Reflection is the foundation In order to tackle obstacles, effective reflection is first necessary. From you and your whole team. Do you actually know yourself well enough?

You Read The

If in a (team) evaluation you mainly look at what went well via. The ‘feedforward’ method and then at what could even better you create a more positive atmosphere. Also read: Giving & receiving honest feedback is difficult, this is how Turkey WhatsApp Number List you do it It doesn’t matter to Schreurs and Schrikkema what you call it (‘positive feedback’ is also allowed), as long as you apply the underlying ideas.

The workbook Read The

As read on the back cover, therefore gives you no critical feedback on what you are not doing well. It gives you feedforward.” Run upstairs. Tackling Obstacles It seems ironic that right from the first chapter, the reader is ask to list what is holding his or her team back from achieving goals. The counterproductive or sabotaging ‘moves’ that are common.

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Turkey WhatsApp Number List

Read The in the team

The authors also realize this when they state that this may be a somewhat bleak start to the book. But identifying these kinds of trends and getting to work on them is of course quite different from giving critical feedback in daily practice – at the project or product level – on things that are not going well.

Management In This

The many examples and hard figures in the book mean that you can no longer ignore the feedforward method. Like the fact that: Bill Gates probably wouldn’t have appreciated the internet without his week of self-reflection. And so would not have Tunisia WhatsApp Number List started building its own browser (Internet Explorer). 60% of companies go bankrupt due to a lack of vision and idealism.

Not ‘feedback In This

The operational profit of organizations increases by 3.5% for every 10% more women at the highest management level, until there is an equal male-female distribution. feed-forward Schrikkema and Schreurs do indeed talk about ‘feedforward’. A cleverly conceived slogan that sticks well, although the implied contrast with ‘normal’ feedback is perhaps.

Tunisia WhatsApp Number List
Tunisia WhatsApp Number List

 In This a bit sharper

The suggestion is that traditional feedback focuses on the negative, on what goes wrong, and therefore does not represent a constructive way forward. The purpose of feedback is of course also to make things go better next time. And you can’t always avoid signaling the things that haven’t gone well. But what matters is the overall approach within which this ‘criticism’ takes place.