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It is easy to read, because of the accessible language, but also because of the clarifying examples. Even if not every metaphor works equally well (such as fish as a symbol for unspoken opinions, which sometimes stink but can also Vietnam WhatsApp Number List become sharks) it is clear what is meant by it. Although leaders are regularly address in the book.

With Locals, it is actually

But also for freelancers who stay too much in their comfort zone and want to know how to get the best out of themselves. It can even be us as a kind of handbook for a ‘better’, more varied, and more meaningful life. Curious about this ‘eye-opening’ workbook? ‘Feedforward in leadership’ by Muriel Schrikkema and Marco Schreurs can easily order online via (affiliate).

Vietnam WhatsApp Number List
Vietnam WhatsApp Number List

Knowing more With Locals

The catering industry is therefore increasingly becoming a ‘neighborhood function. Where birthdays celebrat the laptop is open or after a long time, it is time to catch up. Good storytelling plays a crucial role in this because that is how you distinguish yourself.

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