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Characteristic = tactical However, being distinctive is a more tactical matter. It asks the brand to show character. Suddenly it is no longer about a distinctive position, but rather about a feeling that you want to evoke. Let feeling play an extremely important Spain WhatsApp Number List role in the decisions we make. Succeeding in this requires brands to be very consistent in who they really are, and to show their individuality.

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In the character of the brand. So easy. This is endorsed by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. This institute concluded that strategic differentiation (as a result of a unique positioning) does not have as significant an effect as marketers often think. Yet we often think that a brand strategy should be based on a unique proposition differentiate or die in order to have commercial success.

Spain WhatsApp Number List
Spain WhatsApp Number List

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The differences between competitors are often too small for consumers to notice. Also read: Be negative! Do your customers & followers like The firefly syndrome I call this the firefly syndrome. A firefly, ‘how is it possible’, gives the light in the dark. That is often how we as entrepreneurs and marketers look at our own products and organizations.

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