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The brand also quickly and creatively converte its current email marketing campaign to video advertising during the coronavirus. They explain in this announcement how to safely take advantage of online care services and free prescription delivery. Lastly, to help combat the challenge facing many communities with limite access to coronavirus testing, Walgreens institute drive-thru testing for first responders. 6.- IKEA Being homebound causes stress and isolation for many. Ikea saw the opportunity to change perspective and make confinement more bearable. For this he welcome his audiences to their own homes.

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Ikea sought to remind people of the stable worlds they had already create. Play with children, dance, produce music or just relax with your love ones, as the world around you changes. As Laura Durán, director of marketing for IKEA Spain, explaine is a movement that was born in people’s homes. It is to those homes that we wante to pay this Poland Phone Number List little tribute. We invite everyone to see their home from a different perspective. Make it a place where, during this time, we can all have new experiences together.” 7.- Guinness Patrick’s Day is often a key moment for the Guinness brand. However, he acknowledge that this year the day would have to be different.

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In support of pub closures and restrictions on social gatherings in Ireland and around the world, they have launche their new campaign. Still, Guinness knew that adults around the world need a lift. Therefore, they responde with a message List Provider of resistance and security. Guinness share in its video advertising during the coronavirus that its own brand had stood the test of time by “sticking together”. With that in mind, they encourage people to celebrate the spirit of the holidays. Lifting each other as they would a glass. “As a 260 year old brand that has survive two world wars, the Great Famine and much more. We feel compelle to share a message of resistance.

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