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In addition to the video, which continues to garner shares and reactions on Twitter and Facebook, Dove has partnere with Vaseline to donate $2 million to Direct Relief, which supports the distribution of PPE, ventilators and medicine to hospitals in need. 3.- Cottonelle If a brand has been able to stand up with video advertising during the coronavirus, it has been Cottonelle. By being empathetic and addressing the situation of your customers, you can visualize the speed at which the stores are selling. Cottonelle is one of the largest toilet paper producers in the world. He delivere a message to ease consumer concerns and discourage panic buying.

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The brand urge people to “stock up on generosity” and simultaneously launche a campaign call ShareASquare. And it did so in partnership with the US charity Unite Way. “We believe our consumers have no shortage of kindness ,” said Paraguay Phone Number List Arist Mastorides, president of family care for Cottonelle’s parent company, Kimberly Clark North America. “So we trust that will help us in this mission . ” 4.- Ford As a brand that has been around for over a century, Ford has weathere its share of tough times. To acknowledge the gravity of the current moment, the company has turne its video advertising around during the coronavirus.

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The aim was to explain how they had dealt with crises on a global scale in the past. In their campaign, Ford shows the actions they have take List Provider in their history to solve problems. For example, when building military equipment during World War II. In addition, to convey their commitment to fighting COVID-19, they tell in this ad how they are helping by manufacturing medical equipment that is in short supply. 5.- Walgreens Walgreens, one of the largest pharmacies in the US, is also the leader in healthcare. She adapte her Ask a Pharmacist series into short, informative videos that answer common customer questions relate to coronavirus.

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